Adult Vaccination May Be Delayed

The Indian government has promised its citizens to facilitate vaccination to all adults above 18 from 1st May. However, India has a shortage of vaccines, and it seems the promise can not be fulfilled immediately. Hence the hospitals and states are currently opening vaccination for the priority groups only. As the government opened the Co-Win portal yesterday at 4 PM; but people found that they were able to only sign up on the website but could not schedule the date and time for the vaccination against COVID-19. Later, the Arogya Setu app tweeted that there were some minor glitches on the website owing to that people could not schedule vaccinations. However, the problems have been fixed, and now people can schedule vaccinations. The government stated that over 8 million people registered themselves on the Co-Win website on Wednesday. The website is getting 55,000 hits per second, and it's still entirely stable. The government may inform many private hospitals about the removal of age criteria, and they need to wait for further notification from states on beginning the vaccination. Due to the shortage of vaccines, private hospitals and states have no other choice than to delay vaccination. They may start vaccinating people after two weeks from the central government's timeline of 1 May. The private hospitals and states continue the discussion with vaccine manufacturers. Maharashtra also stated on Wednesday that the 1st May target couldn't be achieved due to a shortage of vaccines. The vaccination of adults above 18 will not start from 1st May because of the lack of vaccines. Even the Serum Institute of India said that they might not be able to accomplish the prior order of the center by 15 May. Well, neither the Serum Institute of India nor Bharat Biotech commented on the timeline for vaccine supplies to the private hospitals and states, which means the manufacturing is going to take time. However, the discussions are still ongoing. The vaccine manufacturers understand the criticality of the situation, and they are preparing themselves for the order levels that will come from the private hospitals and states. They may cope with the situation in the next two weeks. However, the notable quantity of vaccines can only be seen by the end of May or early June. Keep in mind that you can obtain a vaccine only by registering yourself on the Co-Win app.

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