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24 May, 2022
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Prateek Grand City

After Spending Thousands, Prateek Grand City Residents Still Await Answers

Time and again, we hear stories of private builder groups harassing people either by charging extra or making them homeless. In the real estate business sector, the builders play like a master to middle-class families who often make many sacrifices and comprises in life to fulfil their dream of owning a house. Most of the builder-buyer agreements are heavily loaded in favour of the builder groups, which can be seen from the rising number of housing-related complaints.

Recently, residents of Prateek Grand City, Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh were seen protesting outside their houses about the meter installation issue. When asked in detail, the residents revealed that during the builder buyer agreement that they concluded with the Prateek Group (the builder group of Prateek Grand City), they made a payment of Rs 30,000-50-000 (depending upon the size of the flat) for the electric meter installation.

However, even after over 700 families residing in 4000 flats of Prateek Grand City had given the electric meter installation charges during the flat handover process, the same has not been installed by the Prateek group builder yet. Moreover, the electricity board Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd (PVVNL) is again asking for payment worth Rs 20,750 for the installation of the electric meters. Even after paying thousands of money, the residents of Prateek Grand City await answers: Where did all their payments go? Why the Prateek Group is not giving any justifications for the hefty prices, it took from all the residents of the said society?

Meanwhile, many residents belonging to different towers of Prateek Grand City have written multiple emails, spread the matter on Twitter and have also tried various other methods of contacting the Prateek Group both individually and collectively to seek clarification, but none of it has yielded any result. The Prateek Group is silent and is not ready to listen to the pleas of the very residents it sold the flats to. The residents have also tried to speak to the Prateek Group builder directly but they failed to contact him and still waiting for a response from the builder’s end.

Attached below is a mail written by residents of C2 Tower, which also mentions that the electric meter installation matter has been pending for a year, even after the residents completed all the financial demands of the Prateek Group builder. The mail also mentions that the residents are even ready to have an official talk with the builder group, but there has been no response from the builder yet. It seems like Prateek Group has gone silent after taking thousands from the residents, which indicates complete financial and mental harassment.

Prateek Grand City

Prateek Grand City

As left with no option, the residents are continuously protesting against the matter. A protest took place yesterday night, and one also took place today morning. The residents are firm that they will not back down and suffer the harassment of Prateek group builder and would continue to protest against the injustice and demand answers from the builder group.

Here are some visuals from the protests at The Prateek Grand City, Siddharth Vihar

Prateek Grand City

Meanwhile, the electricity board PVVNL has sent a notice to the residents of Prateek Grand City dated 12th April 2022. In the notice, the PVVNL has asked every resident to pay the amount to PVNNL for their regular electric connections. The notice also mentioned that if residents fail to do so in the next ten days, the maintenance office will cut the electric supply of over 700 families living in Prateek Grand City.

Shiv Mohan Tiwari, a resident of Prateek Grand City, wrote on Twitter: “Prateek group charged me 56k in March for EMIC Electric Meter Installation Charges now saying you have to pay your meter installation charges from your pocket. We have written proof that we have paid this to Prateek Group. This is a fraud and unethical to home buyer,”

@Prateek_Group@Prateekgroup @dm_ghaziabad@myogioffice @CMOfficeUP please have a look this meter issue in prateek grand city society, siddharth Vihar ghaziabad ,builder charging extra amount for meter,” he further added.

Meanwhile, another resident shared an email that he wrote to the top management of Prateek Group. In the mail, he mentioned how he paid the full amount for the electricity meter installation while taking possession of the flat. However, the power supply of his house was cut on 2nd March 2022 without any prior notice, and the maintenance team demanded Rs 10,000 illegally to restore the electricity. He also wrote that a similar incident took place with other residents as well.

This is not the first time that residents have suffered the harassment of Prateek Group builder. In February 2021, Prateek Grand City’s residents protested against the illegal financial demands of the builders. The Prateek Group builders had issued a demand letter in which it asked all residents to pay extra for club memberships, high maintenance costs, and high charges for sewage and electricity supply. The Prateek Group builder also were liable to pay a delay penalty to the buyers, but it refused to adjust the delay penalty cost. The builder group has also charged GST rates as high as 12%.

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