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09 Dec, 2022
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Texas School Shooting

Analysis: Texas School Shooting, Another Incident Revealing America’s Gun Culture

The Internet today is filled with ‘Texas School Shooting’ or ‘Texas School Shooting 2022’ searches after the deadliest school shooting took place at the Robb Elementary School located in Texas, the United States. The Texas school shooting 2022 shooter has been identified as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old kid who had his graduation set for this coming Friday. As per reports, the young gunman also allegedly shot his grandmother before walking into the elementary school and killing at least 19 children and two adults.

While the Texas police is going to every length and breadth to investigate the Texas School Shooting, is it really the first time that the city of Texas witnessed something this horrifying? If you dig deeper, whose fault is it? Is it the parents who send their children to schools, the gunman who just walked into a school and opened fire, or the politicians who are just tweeting about the matter and not doing anything about it?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that Texas has seen eight mass shootings over the last thirteen years. If you talk about the United States as a whole, the country has had ninety mass shooters from 1966 to 2012. When you and I look at America, we see a time-tested democracy, but what’s the point of calling yourself one of the world’s oldest democracies if the citizens are not safe?

The Harsh Truth – America’s Thriving Gun Culture

It’s loud and clear! With so many mass shooting events taking place in the United States, there is a direct indication that the country is witnessing a gun culture. If you see the astronomical number of guns in America, it owns 42% of the world’s guns despite having only 4.4% of the world’s population. If one talks about the mental health status of the US population, data shows that the mental care spending rates and the rate of severe mental health disorders are all in line.

All of the mass shooting incidents boil down to one simple fact: every person residing in America has easier access to guns compared to other wealthy countries. Focussing mainly on the Texas city, most of the state’s Republican-controlled legislature has framed the safety laws in such a manner that people are even allowed to carry guns openly or have a firearm in schools. If such a scenario already exists in the state, how would you not expect mass shootings like the Texas School Shooting is not bound to take place? You can’t expect everyone to ‘only use guns’ in the name of ‘self-defence’. 40% to 50% of the Texas population have, in various surveys, revealed that the gun control laws must be more strict than they are.

The Gun Violence At Its Peak In America

“As a nation, we have to ask, ‘When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?” said US President Joe Biden from the White House.

Time and again, America has witnessed several public protests for conducting strict background checks on gun sales, but such measures have repeatedly failed due to strong Republican-led opposition. It seems ironic that a country which is putting a plethora of restrictions on another for inciting violence is itself not able to put an end to these mass shootings.

The recent Texas School Shooting incident has again kicked off an intense debate between advocates of tighter gun control laws and those who oppose any law that can compromise the US constitutional right of Americans to possess arms.

“School shootings are unfortunately an American problem that it seems many lawmakers refuse to solve.” said a Texas Democrat.

The underlining fact here is that we could see this coming; we all have been a witness to such mass shootings in America so many times before. Even on a basic level, you don’t need a law degree to understand the fact that America will be prone to such mass shootings if the people sitting in power don’t act upon it. The situation is so grim that, as per the statistics, the United States is not only witnessing the covid-19 pandemic alone but also witnessing a gun violence pandemic, reporting more than one such case a day.

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