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31 Mar, 2023
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Manish Sisodia

‘CBI Said They Will Make You CM If You Quit AAP’: Startling Claim By Manish Sisodia

‘CBI Said They Will Make You CM If You Quit AAP’: Startling Claim By Manish Sisodia

After being questioned for nine-long hours, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made a startling claim to media reporters. Manish Sisodia was interrogated by the Central Bureau of Investigation regarding the Delhi Excise Policy scam. However, the AAP leader claimed that the officials who were to question him on Delhi Government’s controversial liquor policy actually asked him to quit the Aam Aadmi Party. Mr Sisodia also told reporters that the central agency allegedly threatened him to quit AAP or the case would go on like that of Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain, who has been in jail since May in connection to a money laundering case. Delhi minister Manish Sisodia further claimed that the officials told him ‘they will make you CM’. The shocking claims made by Manish Sisodia are in line with Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party’s earlier claim that the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has tried to launch Operation Lotus to poach AAP MLAs and topple the opposition government in Delhi and Punjab. After Sisodia’s claims, CBI denied all the allegations and issued a statement that read: “CBI strongly refutes these allegations and reiterates that examination of Shri Sisodia was carried out in a professional and legal manner strictly as per the allegations against him in the FIR. The investigation of the case will continue as per law,” Hitting back at the central agency, Sisodia said: “If the officers of the CBI issued a press release saying that ‘Operation Lotus’ was done, then people would be surprised. Their focus was not on the excise policy…completely concocted stories. There was talk about excise policy, but I was pressured to give in. ‘These cases will go on like this. They will make you Chief Minister,’ they said. Today I understood that the CBI is not investigating any scam… the case against me is just meant to make Operation Lotus a success,” Sources said that the AAP leader, who is the prime accused in the Delhi Excise Policy scam, was questioned about the alleged involvement of private players in framing the liquor policy. The agency also asked questions on allegations that liquor companies made a profit of 12% in the process. The other questions included an alleged loss to the state in the process and irregularities in bringing the liquor policy.

Popular Front of India Case: NIA Conducts Raids In Phulwari Sharif, Patna

The National Investigation Agency is onto conducting raids in Phulwari Sharif and Patna in Bihar in connection to the Popular Front of India case. The Bihar police had earlier got their hands on a PFI terror module in Phulwari Sharif district with the arrest of three people for their alleged links with PFI and their plans to indulge in anti-India activities. Meanwhile, the NIA also carried out searches in Jamia Maria Niswa Madrasa, located in Bihar and arrested a teacher identified as Asghar Ali. The Bihar police have arrested 5 persons in the Phulwari Sharif case and named 26 people. During the raids by the Bihar police, many objectionable documents were found, including a document named ‘Vision 2047 India‘ which allegedly had ways to launch an armed attack on India by Indian Muslims. Various PFI pamphlets were also recovered by the state police. Recently, the Central Government put a ban on the Popular Front of India, an Islamic organisation, for 5 years, citing it as an unlawful association. The ban also extends to other fronts, including Campus Front of India, National Women’s Front, All India Imams Council, Rehab India Foundation, Empower India Foundation, and National Confederation of Human Rights Organization, among others. It also came to the knowledge of the CBI and ED that PFI was raising funds internationally and was transferring them to India through illegal channels.

Kerala High Court To Hear Plea Seeking Enactment of the Inhuman Evil Practices, Sorcery And Black Magic Bill Today

The Kerala High Court is set to hear a plea filed by the Kerala Yukthivadi Sangham seeking a law on inhuman evil practices and black magic today. The Sangham wants the court to direct the Kerala government to take a decision on the enactment of the Kerala Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices, Sorcery, and Black Magic Bill, which is recommended by the State Law Reforms Commission. The Kerala High Court division bench comprising Chief Justice S Manikumar will hear the plea today. The petitioner has said that all the disappearances cases that took place in Kerala in the last 50 years should be re-investigation by a Special Investigation Team. The petition submitted by the Sangham also said: “Prohibition of telefilms, serials and films on the theme of witchcraft and sorcery which are not intended for social good and have no artistic value. There may be an order to ban witchcraft and sorcery. Implement the existing Drugs and Magic Remedies Objectionable Advertisements Act passed in 1954 in the country,”

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Jammu & Kashmir: Overnight Terrorist Attack Kills Two Migrant Labourers From Uttar Pradesh

In an overnight terrorist attack in the Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir, two migrant labourers from Uttar Pradesh were killed. The surprise attack came days after a Kashmiri pandit was killed in the same district. As per the state police, a terrorist threw a grenade at the migrant labourers in Harmen, Shopian, late Monday night. The two non-local labourers were identified as Ram Sagar and Monish Kumar, both residents of Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh. “A hybrid terrorist of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Imran Bashir Ganie, who lobbed the grenade, is arrested by Shopian police. Raids are underway,” said the Jammu & Kashmir police. Hybrid terrorists are categorised as unlisted radicalised people who carry out terror strikes and then slip back into society without leaving any trace. The targeted attacks in recent months have triggered a series of protests by the Kashmiri pandit community. Due to fear of attacks, more than 5,000 Kashmiri pandits are not attending offices for the last 5 months and are demanding their safety and relocation to Jammu. However, pandits also alleged that the government is unwilling to shift them.

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