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26 Jun, 2022
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Dear SpiceJet Captain Monicaa Khanna, We Bow Down To You!

The SpiceJet Boeing 737 that took off from Patna to Delhi on Sunday, 19 June was forced to make an emergency landing at the Patna airport. After the Captains were given report of sparks coming out from engine number one, reportedly due to engine trouble, the Captains decided to take immediate action, making all 185 passengers land safely. 

Where on one hand people are questioning the SpiceJet’s security, on the other hand, people are applauding the spontaneous response of the Captains in the flight. According to reports, Captain Monicaa Khanna switched off the affected engine, and the First Officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia carried out the overweight landing of the flight, ensuring safety of all the passengers on board. 

When the damaged SpiceJet landed back, only one single engine was functioning, and this made the situation more risky. After the SpiceJet flight accident the plane touched the ground and the engineers inspected the aircraft, following which they confirmed that a fan blade and engine were damaged after a bird hit the fan blade. 

As revealed by the SpiceJet’s Chief of Flight Operations, Gurcharan Arora, Captain Monicaa Khanna and the First Officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia conducted themselves professionally during the incident. He further said that both of them were calm during the mishappening, and they handled the aircraft like a pro. The chief applauded the Captain and First Officer, saying that they are experienced officers and we are proud of them. 

Captain Arora further highlighted that SpiceJet has capable and trained pilots who are pro at handling any eventuality peacefully. He further said that all passengers of the SpiceJet Boeing 737 should be proud of their Captain. 

Captain Monicaa Khanna started her journey with SpiceJet in 2018. On the other hand, Balpreet Bhatia a graduate from the Emirates Aviation University joined the SpiceJet airways in 2019. Miss Bhatia has also worked with Jet Airways for two years before joining SpiceJet. 

Here’s How The Pilots Saved The Lives Of 185 Passengers!

A lot of people are still wondering about what went wrong that day. So, let’s get into the details of the SpiceJet flight accident. 

As stated by a senior official to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the cockpit crew suspected that a bird had hit engine number one. But, since they did not notice any abnormality with the functioning of the aircraft, they continued the flight to climb further. 

However, after a few moments the cabin crew noticed sparks coming out of engine number one, and they informed the pilot in-charge about the fire. As a result, the pilot in-charge carried out SOP for engine fire, and shut it down immediately. After engine one was shut down, Capt Monica Khanna signaled a PA-PAN alert to the Air Traffic Control, followed by safe landing. 

As soon as the damaged SpiceJet was landed safely in Patna, the 185 passengers on the aircraft were de-boarded with utmost precaution. This is how SpiceJet capt Monicaa Khanna saved the lives of all the passengers on-board. 

Post landing, the officers inspected the flight and found that a bird had hit the fan blade, damaging 3-blades at once. During the investigation conducted by DGCA and SpiceJet, both Capt Khanna and Bhatia were present to give their inputs about the accident. The authorities further revealed that both of them will not be deployed for flight operations for a few days to come. 

Twitter Raises Voice in Appreciation!

Patna airport has just one runway, and thankfully the damaged SpiceJet flight could find it vacant for emergency landing. 

According to a senior commander of a top Indian airline, Patna is a nightmare airport even in the most suitable times, and carrying an overweight landing at such crucial airports in such tricky times is applaud worthy. He further said that we have been hearing since decades that Patna will get another airport and the condition of the existing one will be revamped, but all of this has remained in talks forever. Like this senior commander, a lot of other officials are praising Captain Monica Khanna and her team. 

The netizens are going on praises and people are applauding SpiceJet’s training after how Captain Khanna took the important call. 

The Real Challenge

The real challenge was to land an aircraft that was filled with fuel and passengers. The plane itself was extremely heavy with one of its engine not working. 

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has ordered a probe into the matter, and prima facie the officials said that the plane was involved in air turnback, as informed by the cabin crew. 

While talking to the media, the Patna district magistrate Chandrashekhar Singh said that people living close to the airport had alerted the district administration and the airport authorities about smoke coming out of the plane. As a result, the airport administration raised an alert to the ATC, who radioed it to the pilot. However, the pilot was already aware of the situation by then and they had decided to shut down engine number one due to the sparks. After switching off the affected engine, the pilot was waiting to receive clearance from the Air Traffic Controller, and as soon as she got it, she landed the aircraft on one engine. 

In another incident of emergency landing that was earlier reported from Delhi on the same day, a SpiceJet Bombardier Q400 Dash 8 developed a cabin pressurization issue after the aircraft departed from Delhi. As the flight climbed out of Delhi, the pilots noticed that the cabin pressure did not build up in accordance with the altitude gain, which stressed out the cabin crew. The aircraft was leveled off at 6000 ft., when the cabin altitude did not build up as it should have. Following this abnormality, the crew planned to return and the aircraft was landed in emergency safely on Delhi airport.

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