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31 Jan, 2023
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Anna Mani

Google Doodle Paid Tribute To Anna Mani “Weather Woman Of India”

Marking the 104th birth anniversary of Indian physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani, Google dedicated a special doodle for her. In the country’s scientific community, Mani is remembered for the role she played in bringing advancements in the field of meteorological instrumentation.

As per historical evidence, Anna Mani was born in a Syrian Christian family in Kerala in 1918. Since childhood, Mani has been interested in scientific studies. Her interest in these things led her to create her identity in the field of physics and meteorological studies. 

Mani’s research work allowed the country to make accurate weather forecasts. In addition to it, Anna’s research paved the way for developing frameworks which allowed the country to fulfil its energy requirements from renewal sources.

Who Was Anna Mani?

The “Weather Woman of India” was the seventh of eight children in her family. From her early childhood days, Anna developed a habit to read books and due to this habit she developed a mindset to go with her passion rather than engaging in the mundane life.

As we mentioned above, younger Anna was interested in physical activities and weather patterns. That was why she did BSc honours in Physics and Chemistry from Chennai. After graduation, she worked under the guidance of the Noble laureate, Prof CV Raman, and researched the optical properties of ruby and diamond. In this field, she authored a total of five research papers.

Anna Mani’s Inclination To Meteorological Studies

After concluding research work under Prof CV Ramana’s guidance, Anna got captivated by the idea of meteorological studies. Therefore, in 1945, she went to Imperial College in London to study advanced meteorological instrumentations. After returning from London in 1948, Anna joined Indian Meteorological Department in Pune, where she took responsibility for making arrangements for meteorological instruments.

After working in IMD Pune for several years, Mani became the Deputy Director General of the same institution and held several key positions in the United Nations World Meteorological Organization.

For her remarkable contributions in the field of science, Mani won the INSA KR Ramanathan medal in 1987.

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