India’s Omicron Cases- Know About This Variant

Yes, India has also joined hands with countries where Omicron has fearfully knocked. With two reported cases of this Covid variant, Omicron is a serious matter for the Indian Government. Despite all precautions, the virus is here and there are reports that some people in Mumbai and Delhi may have already been infected by Omicron. The government is focused on how to prevent the spread of this variant, and how to carry screening of all travelers arriving in India. 

India’s Omicron Cases

In India, while one of the two found infected from Omicron has traveled from South Africa, and was also fully vaccinated, there were no major symptoms, unlike Delta where patients face breathing problems. However, experts observed a low CT value with this new variant of Covid-19. The second case is even more worrying as the other person had no international travel history. He showed some signs of fever and fatigue and was tested Covid positive the next day. The results showed a low cycle threshold value, revealing that the patient is possible at the risk of developing moderate or severe illness.  Indian Council of Medical Research says that the new strain is likely to be found in other residents. It can be just a matter of time, as the high transmissibility of this virus has already been faced by all of us. WHO has stated that we should get prepared for severe consequences if a major surge of Covid 19 driven by Omicron hits a country.  Although to date no deaths linked to Omicron have been reported, the whole world is worried and keeping a strict watch on this variant. 

Vaccine as an Important Tool

The most important tool against Omicron is to follow Covid-19 health guidelines. As per the senior scientists, masks and getting vaccinated is the only way to stay away from this dreadful disease. Vaccines are supposed to provide at least partial protection against the advancement of the infection, proving it to be less fatal.  So, those who are not vaccinated should immediately get their dose, and the people in-waiting for the second dose must complete the round. Avoid mass gatherings, wear masks, wash hands regularly, and stay away from the crowd, are other critical factors to watch.  Moreover, as our kids below the age of 18 years have not still received their vaccination, they require more care, and we should ensure that they strictly follow all necessary precautions.  Although there is no need to panic, we must remain careful.

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