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31 Mar, 2023
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JP Narayan Follower Now Sitting In Lap of Congress for Power: Amit Shah’s Sarcastic Comment on Nitish Kumar

JP Narayan Follower Now Sitting In Lap of Congress for Power: Amit Shah’s Sarcastic Comment on Nitish Kumar

Yesterday, Home Minister and BJP Supremo Amit Shah visited the village of socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan in Bihar. JP Narayan was a strong socialist leader who led a movement against the Congress party in the 1970s, which gave India many political leaders. One of them was Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who left the JP movement and changed sides five times for power, as per Amit Shah. Setting off a verbal war with Nitish Kumar, Amit Shah said that Bihar’s Chief Minister has now bypassed the principles of JP Narayan for power. While addressing a function organised to mark the birth anniversary of JP Narayan, Amit Shah said: “I want to ask the people of Bihar. One who used the name of JP has now bypassed the principles of JP and is now sitting on the lap of the Congress for the sake of power. Do you agree with this? “This is not the path shown by Jayaprakash. Jayaprakash Ji made no effort to gain power all his life. He only stood by his principles. Now people who changed sides five times for the sake of power are sitting on the Chief Minister’s chair. Now the people of Bihar have to decide whom they want — the BJP, which walked the path shown by Jayaprakash, under the leadership of Modi, or the others who quit the path shown by Jayaprakash to chase power,” added the Home Minister. The BJP Chief’s visit to Bihar has set off political fireworks as expected. When asked Nitish Kumar about Mr Shah’s remarks, the Bihar CM brought up the independence movement and said: “Who fought the battle for Independence? Now they want to change things. The people who had nothing to do with the Independence movement. It was Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) who led the movement for Independence… Think who killed Bapu. This is why one should not be involved with those people,” All has gone south between the BJP and Nitish Kumar since the latter ended his alliance with the former. Politically isolated in Bihar, the BJP is now devising a plan to make a comeback with a new face that can challenge Nitish Kumar.

Bharat Jodo Yatra Is Nothing, But Relaunching of Rahul Gandhi, Says Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai

On Tuesday, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai took a dig at the Congress party’s Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi. The Karnataka CM said that the Yatra is nothing but relaunching of Rahul Gandhi and is not meant for the common people. He went on to say that Bharat Jodo Yatra is Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to help the otherwise sinking ship Congress survive in India. Bharat Jodo Yatra entered its 34th day on Tuesday in Karnataka, which is slated to go to the Assembly Polls next year. “The Congress leaders are ready to do anything for the sake of power. Rahul Gandhi has been doing Padayatra to be relevant in the current political situation. This event is nothing but the relaunching of Rahul Gandhi and not for the common people, Dalits and backward classes,” The BJP leader also added that those who were on that side (Congress) are coming to this side (BJP) are there are clear indications about it. The Karnataka CM also alleged that Congress never hiked reservations for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes communities in the state who recently agreed to hike reservations for SC from 15% to 17% and ST from 3% to 7% in Karnataka.

Congress Presidential Polls: Mallikarjun Kharge Dismisses Rumours Of Being Sonia Gandhi’s Favourite

The Congress Presidential Polls are around the corner, with veteran leaders Shashi Tharoor and Mallikarjun Kharge up against each other. Since the time the Congress Polls were announced, there have been rumours about Interim Party Chief Sonia Gandhi’s alleged favouritism towards Mallikarjun Kharge. However, while dismissing the rumours, the Congress veteran leader said that his name was not suggested by the party supremo Sonia Gandhi and denied reports of getting any support from the Gandhi family. “Sonia Gandhi suggesting my name for the president position is all a rumour. I have never said this. She has clearly stated that anyone from the Gandhi family will neither be a part of the election nor support any candidate,” said Mr Kharge. Earlier on Sunday, Mr Kharge had said that he is fighting the Congress presidential polls because the condition in the country is very bad, and he wants to fight them. “I want to fight because the condition in the country is bad. Modi and Shah are doing politics where there is no place for democracy. Agencies like CBI and ED are weakening. To fight them, I need to have power. That is why, on the recommendation of delegations, I am fighting the polls,” said Mr Kharge. With the Gandhi family not returning to hold the top post in the party, the national party is all set to have a non-Gandhi president after more than 25 years.

S Jaishankar on UN Security Council Reforms: ‘It’s a Hard Nut, But Hard Nuts Can be Cracked’

While cautioning the United Nations of becoming an irrelevant world body without much-needed reforms, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Sydney said that the United Nations Security Council reforms is like a hard nut, but hard nuts can be cracked. While responding to questions at the Lowy Institute about long pending UNSC reforms, EAM S Jaishankar said: “Well, it’s a hard nut, but hard nuts can be cracked,” The Foreign Minister also added that there are continents which actually feel that the Security Council process does not take into account their problems. “I think that’s hugely damaging to the UN. So one of the developments this time, in fact, has been a very explicit recognition by President Joe Biden of the need to actually reform the UN which is not a small development, but we need to get it because we all know why reform has been blocked for so many years,” said the Minister. “We completely understand that this is not something which is going to be done easily…but it’s something which has to be done. Otherwise, we will end up, frankly, with an increasingly irrelevant United Nations,” he further added. India has been at the forefront of demanding the position of a permanent member of the UNSC and has always been vocal about its rightful place at the UNSC table.

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