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26 Jun, 2022
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Yasin Malik

NIA Court Orders Life Imprisonment To JKLF Leader Yasin Malik

NIA Court Orders Life Imprisonment To JKLF Leader Yasin Malik

On Wednesday, an NIA court in Delhi ordered life imprisonment for Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yasin Malik stating that his crimes “intended to strike at the heart of the idea of India” and were “committed with the assistance of foreign powers and designated terrorists”. The life term was handed over to Yasin Malik in terrorism and secessionist activities in 2016-17. Earlier, the National Investigation Agency had filed a plea for the death penalty. However, the Court rejected it by saying that the case did not fall in the rarest of rare categories. Additional Sessions Judge Parveen Singh awarded two life imprisonment and varying jail terms to Yasin Malik, which will all run concurrently. Along with the life terms, the Court also ordered a fine of Rs 10,65,000 for offences committed under the anti-terror law – Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) and the IPC. On 10th May, Yasin Malik pleaded guilty to all charges. The Court said: “The crime becomes more serious as it was committed with the assistance of foreign powers and designated terrorists. The seriousness of the crime is further increased by the fact that it was committed behind the smokescreen of an alleged peaceful political movement,” While the court hearing was underway, Yasin Malik told the judge that he had given up violence back in 1994 and declared that he would follow the non-violent path of Mahatma Gandhi. However, the Court said that Malik never expressed any regret for the violence he committed prior to 1994. “Malik cannot invoke the Mahatma and claim to be his follower because, in Gandhi’s principles, there was no place for violence, howsoever high the objective may be. It only took one small incident of violence at Chauri Chaura for the Mahatma to call off the entire non-cooperation movement, but the convict, despite largescale violence engulfing the Valley, neither condemned the violence nor withdrew his calendar of protest, which has led to the said violence.” said the NIA Court. The Court has also awarded a 10-year jail term each under Section 120 B, 121 A of IPC and Section 15, 18, and 20 of UAPA. It also handed over a 5-year jail term each under Sections 13,38, and 39 of the UAPA act. 

Covid-Bulletin: India Registers 2,628 New Cases; Recovery Rate At 98.75%

According to the latest data released by the union health ministry, India has registered 2,628 new covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours. The active caseload of the country currently stands at 15,414. Meanwhile, the nation has recorded 2,167 recoveries in the previous 24 hours, and the total recoveries have reached 4,26,04,881. The daily and weekly positivity rates currently stand at 0.58% and 0.51%, respectively. As per the Indian Council of Medical Research, the country has conducted 84.84 crore covid-19 tests so far. On the vaccination front, India has administered 192.82 crore covid-19 vaccine doses so far under the nationwide vaccination drive.

Telangana BJP President Challenges AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi To Excavate All Mosques of Telangana

With the recent Kashi Vishwanath Temple- Gyanvapi Mosque matter, a new debate has started around digging into Mosques and finding out what lies underneath them. Recently, Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar challenged AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi to excavate all Mosques of Telangana. The BJP President said: “I am challenging Owaisi that we will dig all mosques in the state. If dead bodies are recovered, you claim it. If Shivam (Shivalinga) is found, hand it over to us. Will you accept it?” The BJP President also added that when the Bhartiya Janata Party comes into power in Telangana, the Urdu language will be banned, love jihad will be stopped, and all minority reservations will be abolished. “Shall we keep quiet if my sisters are trapped and cheated in the name of love jihad? Hindu society will not tolerate it if the poor are made to change their religion. Bandi Sanjay will not tolerate it. We will make sure those who say love jihad get a taste of lathi. We will act tough against those doing religious conversions.” said the BJP leader. 

Uttar Pradesh’s New Budget To Focus On Employment Generation, Youth And Women

On Thursday, Uttar Pradesh Finance Minister Suresh Khanna said that the new state budget for FY 2022-23 would focus on infrastructure, youth, women, and employment generation. The State Finance Minister said: “We would fulfil our promises. The focus of this budget is on the creation of infrastructure, generation of employment opportunities, youth and women. No new tax has been introduced.” “Our economic situation has been improving even during the pandemic,” he added. This will be the first Uttar Pradesh budget in the second term of the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government. 

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