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04 Jun, 2023
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MV Ganga Vilas

PM Modi Flags Off MV Ganga Vilas, World’s Longest River Cruise; Trip Costs 20 Lakhs

PM Modi Flags Off MV Ganga Vilas, World’s Longest River Cruise; Trip Costs 20 Lakhs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the world’s longest river cruise, MV Ganga Vilas, virtually today. The MV Ganga Vilas was flagged off in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. As the first trip, 32 Swiss Tourists will take the journey to reach Dibrugarh in Assam through Bangladesh. The first cruise vessel to be made in India, the MV Ganga Vilas, will cover 3,200 km in 51 days. “With this cruise, many places of eastern India will now figure in world tourism map… What can be more unfortunate is that since Independence, the banks of the Ganga did not develop, and thousands of people living along the Ganges had to migrate for jobs,” said PM Modi. As per the new agency PTI, the MV Ganga Vilas has 18 suites with a capacity of 36 suites. Along with that, it also has accommodation for 40 crew members. The made-in-India cruise vessel is 62 meters in length and 12 metres in breadth. The MV Ganga Vilas will give a unique experience to tourists who will cross 27 river systems and cruise through prominent destinations, including world heritage sites, river ghats, national parks and major Indian cities such as Kolkata, Patna, Shahiganj, Guwahati and even Dhaka in Bangladesh. The five-star cruise vessel also has extra facilities such as gyms, salons and spas. Cruise Director Raj Singh said that the total cost for the 51-day journey for each passenger would be Rs 20 lakh. “The journey will give the foreign tourists an opportunity to embark upon an experiential voyage and indulge in the art, culture, history, and spirituality of India and Bangladesh,” said Union Minister for Port Shipping and Waterways Sarbananada Sonowal. “India has everything that you can imagine. It has a lot beyond your imagination. India cannot be defined in words. It can only be experienced from the heart,” said PM Modi, in his message, to the first 36 Swiss tourists who will embark on the first-ever trip of the MV Ganga Vilas.

Shocking: Go FIRST Bengaluru-Delhi Flight Leaves 55 Passengers On The Tarmac

In recent months, various airlines have been reporting some or other incidents. However, one of the most bizarre incidents that shocked everyone was the one that took place in the IT capital of the country, Bengaluru. The Go FIRST Bengaluru-Delhi flight forgot over 50 passengers and took off without them. The airline forgot a bunch of fare-paying passengers, not even at the terminal but on the tarmac. The passengers got furious seeing the aircraft take off while they remained in the coach waiting to board. On its part, the Go FIRST Airline did arrange for alternatives to ensure that the left off passengers reached their destinations and were reunited with their baggage. The airline, as part of damage control, also offered a complimentary air ticket to all the passengers who were at the receiving end. It also acknowledged its fault, informed the authorities, and also expediting an inquiry to make sure it didn’t find itself in a similar situation again.

National Remote Sensing Centre of ISRO Shows Images of Joshimath Gradually Sinking Due To Land Subsidence

Recently, the National Remote Sensing Centre of the Indian Space Research Organisation released satellite images of Joshimath gradually sinking due to land subsidence. The satellite data revealed that a rapid subsidence of 5.4 cm has been recorded in just 12 days. The NRSC also said that the subsidence event was triggered between December last week and January first week; that is also the time when deep cracks started appearing in the houses of local residents. The primary subsidence zone is located at central Joshimath, including the Army helipad and Narsingh Mandir. The Uttarakhand Government has announced an interim relief package of Rs 1.5 lakh for affected families. Along with that, the demolition of two hotels, namely Hotel Malari Inn and Mount View Hotel, began on Thursday as their existence is extremely dangerous for the surrounding structures. While experts have been blaming the NTPC hydel project for land subsidence, the NTPC has issued an official statement claiming that their tunnel does not pass under Joshimath.

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