PM Modi Posing With Nikon Camera- Canon Lens Cover? BJP Slams Congress, TMC

On his 72nd birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released eight cheetahs in Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh. After releasing the animal, the PM entered in a photography mode with his Nikon camera. In no time, photographs of Modiji's photography skills went viral on social media handles. But! with little modifications. After the Cheetah was launched into the national park, a photograph of Modiji holding a locked camera was shared widely on social media platforms. In the picture, Modiji was seen taking shots with a locked Nikon camera with a Canon cap on it. The image revealed that the lens cap was of the Canon brand while the camera was of Nikon. Several users took a jibe at PM's photography talent with a locked camera Many leaders like Dr Udit Raj, Unorganized Workers and Employees Congress (KKC) chairman, Ex-Congress MP Digvijay Singh, UP Congress Committee President Virendra Chaudhary, and others mocked PM Modi’s picture.  https://twitter.com/Dr_Uditraj/status/1571465694944034817 https://twitter.com/digvijaya_28/status/1571678157799034881 https://twitter.com/VirendraUPCC/status/1571127010503839746    

FACT Check - Is The Viral Picture Real? 

While the picture entertained everyone, it was only a part of fake news trending on social media platforms because the photograph was a morphed one. Here is a fact check on Modi camera:
  • Canon lenses are not designed for Nikon cameras.
  • The angle of the camera lens differs from that of the camera.
  • The image of Modiji is a mirrored image which means the Nikon print is a reversed print while the lens print is in proper order.
  • The size of the cover does not fit with the lens size.
As the opposition side sparked the controversy, Narendra Modi and BJP supporters went to Twitter to give a reality check. Some included TFI media founder Atul Mishra, TV Anchor Meenakshi Joshi, National Executive Committee member Dr Anirban Ganguly, and others. https://twitter.com/anirbanganguly/status/1571518331563417600 https://twitter.com/IMinakshiJoshi/status/1571487290505166856 https://twitter.com/TheAtulMishra/status/1571350574343540737    

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