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06 Dec, 2022
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PM Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked; What Followed After The Incident?

Netizens were quite shocked after a tweet from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official Twitter handle claimed that India will be legalising Bitcoin and will be distributing 500 BTC to residents of the country. The update stunned everyone, especially amid rumours of the government banning all cryptocurrencies in India. On Sunday morning, the controversial tweet was made from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official Twitter handle, prompting the cyber security cell to order a high-level enquiry into the matter. This is the second time that PM Modi’s social media accounts have been breached. In September 2020, a similar incident took place when PM Modi’s personal website was compromised.

The first official information about the hack was sent out by the Prime Minister Office’s official handle, which read: “The Twitter handle of PM @narendramodi was very briefly compromised. The matter was escalated to Twitter, and the account has been immediately secured. In the brief period the account was compromised, any tweet shared must be ignored,”

Though Twitter’s official spokesperson denied any breach of Twitter’s systems, the central cyber security cell CERT-In has started a detailed investigation concerning the hacking incident. The agencies have not yet revealed any findings of the hacker yet.

A similar scenario focusing on cryptocurrencies took place on 3rd September 2021 when PM Modi’s official Twitter handle tweeted: “I appeal to you all to donate generously to PM National Relief Fund For Covid-19. Now India begins with cryptocurrency. Kindly donate Bitcoins to (Bitcoin wallet address),” Later, the hackers identified themselves as John Wick, an American action-thriller media franchise who claimed that they were from Korea and wanted to clear their name from an earlier data breach.

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