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03 Jun, 2023
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PM Narendra Modi Calls For Unified Effort on Afghanistan at G20 Summit

PM Narendra Modi virtually addressed a G20 extraordinary summit on Afghanistan. Modi focused on the need to make sure that Afghanistan soil does not become a breeding ground of terrorism. He also called for an inclusive administration in Kabul to maintain the social and economic gains over the last two decades.

Only a unified effort by the communities of the world can bring desired changes to the current situation in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi quoted in the backdrop of an intimidating humanitarian crisis. These efforts can effectively prevent the Taliban from gaining international acceptance.

The summit of the group of 20 was hosted by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. 20 major economics of the world discussed the concerns of excess Taliban set up in Kabul and declining humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan including shortage of medicines food and other essentials.

Since the Taliban took over after the fall of the Ashraf Ghani government, the economy of the country has been facing severe stress. Modi requested the international community to provide joined efforts to help Afghanistan recover from these traumatic situations. He stressed the need to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a radicalization and terrorism hotspot shortly.


Is It Time to Reduce the Waiting Time for Second Dose of Covid-19 Vaccines?

Back in May India increased the waiting period between the two successive doses of covid-19 vaccines from 4 to 8 weeks to 12 to 16 weeks. At that point, the idea was to administer the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine to as many people as possible. According to data, as of October 12, Covishield accounts for approximately 88% of covid vaccine doses administered in the country. However, with the declining registrations and number of the first dose of the vaccine the government is thinking to reduce the gap between the two doses. Experts believe that the idea needs serious consideration.

According to data available on the Co-Win dashboard, the number of first doses is falling consistently since September 17. The ratio of the first doses in total dose is declining since late August. It is the third time since May that the numbers are waning. It is an important consideration as the number of those vaccinated and during an important milestone.

India’s adult population as of March was around 940 million. By October 11 around 684 million receive the first dose of covid-19 vaccines. More than 73% of the population has received their first doses. The decision to prolong the gap between the first and second dose of Covishield was due to supply constraints. The declining numbers indicate that India might be reaching a point of moderation in terms of demand for the first dose. Perhaps this opportunity can be used to reduce the gap between the two doses and boost immunity levels against the pandemic.


PMO Draws Up Plan to Ensure Supply of Coal to Power Plants

The union ministry of Power has written letters to all state governments and distribution companies to cater to the need of their consumers. The prime minister’s office is drawing up plans to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of fuel to the power plants even when the power ministry issued a directive for an allocated electricity supply. Two of the government officials known with the matter said that the plan has been discussed in a meeting on Tuesday by PK Mishra principal secretary to the prime minister. The meeting has been attended by Anil Kumar Jain coal secretary and power secretary Alok Kumar. Railway board chairman Sunita Sharma was also present.

They have also decided to facilitate operationalizing imported coal field power generation capacity to 17 GW. It will effectively help in reducing the pressure on domestic coal-powered projects.  There are several reasons for the current situation. International coal prices have increased, as a consequence, the demand for local coal is also increasing. Sex heavy rainfall in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha, and West Bengal added to the problems.


Kolkata’s Burj Khalifa Puja Pandal Cancels Laser Show after Pilots Complain

This year Kolkata Sreebhumi Durga Puja pandal is modeled on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. They have also organized a laser show which was called off on Monday. The decision was taken after pilots of three planes complaint about the situation to the air traffic control at the city airport. The airport is located close to the venue of the Puja pandal.

ATC came into action as soon as they received complaints and local police were informed. The laser show was stopped and there have been no problems after that. Although the height of the tower meets the limit recommended by the airport authority of India, laser shows are prohibited around airports throughout the country. Strong beams of light cause visibility problems for pilots during landing.

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