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31 Mar, 2023
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Missile man of India

Some Lesser-Known Facts About The Missile Man Of India

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam death anniversary: Dr Kalam was one of the most beloved and celebrated presidents of India. Along with being remembered as the president of India, people remember him as one of the greatest teachers and mentors to the entire nation. It is because he contributed to the country’s progress in multiple ways. 

So, remembering Dr Kalam on his 7th death anniversary, today we are going to share with you some lesser-known facts about him. 

Fact No 1: His Popularity As The Missile Man Of India

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was among the country’s brightest minds. He worked on projects that contributed to the progress of missile technologies in the country, such as SLV-III. SLV-III was the first satellite launch vehicle that put the Rohini satellite into orbit around the earth. He also played a decisive role in the development of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program. Since then, he was renowned as the Missile man of India.

Fact No 2: Dr Kalam’s Tough Childhood

Even though Dr Kalam’s ancestors and forefathers were wealthy, his childhood was not easy for him. Throughout his young life, he used to do odd jobs, such as newspaper selling and others. He did such jobs to fulfil his learning requirements, as his family experienced a major loss in business, due to which his family’s financial situation became weak.

Fact No 3: Mastermind Of India’s Nuclear Arsenal

In his scientific career, Dr Kalam made innumerable contributions to making India a nuclear-capable country. As per this, he contributed to the historic Pokhran-2 nuclear test in 1998. With that test, India established its image as the nuclear power in the world.

Fact No 4: Dr Kalam’s Aspiration To Join The Air Force

A lesser-known fact about Dr Kalam involves his aspiration to join the Indian Air Force. Straight from his childhood, he wanted to become a pilot in the Air Force. Following his dream, he appeared for the Air Force interview. However, he didn’t succeed in clearing up the test due to his short height. 

Fact No 5: Down-To-Earth Personality

Regardless of his position, Dr Kalam always possessed a down-to-earth personality. One such incident proving his identity was his road journey. During that journey, Dr Kalam asked his secretary about a soldier guarding him. He asked, “Why is he standing like this? He may be tired now, as standing for long hours is like a punishment. Can you please send a message on the wireless that he can sit“? 

This incident is just a part of his goodness. If we go on writing about his goodness, it will take hundreds of pages to define how he used to treat his teammates and other people surrounding him.

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