The Blockage by Ever Given Container Ship in Suez Canal has Ended, but Legal Charges can be Pressed Against the Indian Crew Members

The global trade community came to a halt when a container ship ‘Ever Given’ got stuck in the strategically important Suez Canal on 23rd March. Around 10% of the World’s Trade is done via Suez Canal.  The 193-km long canal's importance is hidden in its location; it connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red sea and owned by the Suez Canal Authority, Egypt.  The blockade caused by the 400m-long Ever Given container ship resulted in more than 350 vessels stranded on both sides. After nearly stuck for a week, Dredgers dug around 30,000 cubic meters of mud and sand from beneath the ship's ends and finally, on 29th March, Ever Given was dislodged, and the blockade ended.  Though the Suez Canal Blockage has ended, the worry is not over yet as there are chances that legal charges can be pressed against the 25-members Indian Crew onboard. The big concern for India is how the Suez Canal Authority will treat the Indian crew.  The Indian Government and the Seafarers’ organisations are worried about the legal charges that the crew may face; It can also be criminal charges. The Ship Management has not explained anything so far. According to some sources in the shipping industry, crew members can be placed under house arrest and restricted from travelling further until the investigation is completed. 


The Ever Given ship is heading to the Great Bitter Lake for a complete investigation, and reportedly, all the crew members are safe and sound.  Marcus Baker, Global Head of Marine and Cargo at Marsh, Inc told Reuters, “There will be an investigation, clearly, because this has had such a big impact and exactly what's happened here, I think, will be debated for some time.” The cargo ship is carrying a huge variety of items worth hundreds of millions of dollars

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