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Who is Annie Ernaux; the 2022 Nobel Prize For Literature Winner?

In the world of writing, it is not possible to write anything without experience. A writer can write on a certain subject only after learning or experiencing it first. Well, writing a novel based on your life experience is not as easy as it sounds! It requires an extensive amount of courage to mention anything about ourselves. That’s because the thoughts and emotions that we put on a piece of paper can take so many people away from us. This is why we often find writers working on fictional characters and only a few who truly mention about themselves. In this domain, the name Annie Ernaux is one of the reputed ones. 

Commending the courageous efforts put by Annie Ernaux in her writing, the jury for Nobel Prize for literature decided to honour her for her courageous and simplistic writing. 

On Thursday, Mats Malm, the permanent secretary of the Nobel Committee, announced the name of Annie at a news conference in Stockholm. During the briefing, the secretary said, “She (Ernaux) had received the award for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory“.

Annie Ernaux’s Career As A Writer

Annie’s work is mainly influenced by her personal experiences. The French novelist has highlighted incidents from her own life, including a back-street abortion in the 1960s and a passionate extramarital affair. 

Annie started her writing career back in college days in her twenties. However, the first novel that she wrote during college time was rejected by the publisher. Followed by which she kept herself away from writing for more than a decade and only stepped into the writing field again in her 30s with her novel “Cleaned Out”. 

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Making fun of her first manuscript, Ernaux’s husband never allowed her to write freely on her own. Due to this, she opted to write her debut book in secrecy. However, the publication of the book soured her relationship, as her husband accused her, citing: “If you are capable of writing a book secretly, then you are also capable of cheating on me”. Soon after that incident, Annie started writing about her unhappy marriage.

The life of Ernaux was not so easy which allowed her to experience many things in her life that she expressed through her novels. Some of Ernaux’s top works include:

Cleaned Out: A bracing account of her working-class youth, where Annie mentioned the abortion that she underwent when the procedure was still illegal in France.

A Frozen Woman: A book describing Ernaux’s life from the prism of gender. The novel reflected her transformation from a young girl full of dreams into an adult frozen in place due to societal demands and patriarchal control. 

A Man’s Place: Written in 1983, the book was Ernaux’s first prize-winning novel as it won her France’s Prix Ranaudot award. The book describes the writer’s conflicted feelings about her transformation from working class to bourgeois life. In this book, Annie calls herself a “class defeater”.

The Years: It was a masterpiece scripted by Ernaux, as the novel was nominated for the International Booker prize. In this book, Ernaux used her life as a picture to map the wider postwar generation in France.

A Girls Story: The novel is all about Ernaux’s first sexual experience and a portrait of a young girl from Normandy who is unaware of her life and has just left the cocoon of her childhood.

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