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31 Mar, 2023
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Apple Watch SE 2 and Apple Watch Series 8 Compared: Which one’s Better?

There’s absolutely no going back for people who have had their experience with the Apple watch. You can only realize the true potential of an Apple watch once you know its powerful features and try using them during an emergency. The Apple Watch is a water-resistant device that is great for making calls when you can’t access your phone, tracking your fitness activities, controlling your music system, and so much more. 

Many people haven’t been able to grab this magical device because it didn’t fit their budget. And for all of them, the second generation Apple watch SE has become a more affordable variant, which has almost all the elements of an Apple watch. 

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So, let us compare Apple watch SE 2 and Apple watch Series 8 to get a more detailed picture of the similarities and differences.  

Apple watch SE 2 vs Apple watch Series 8

Identical design with new back

The Apple watch SE 2 is nearly identical to the series 8 watch and is available in both 40 and 44 mm options. The similar design, including a digital crown, a Retina OLED display, a speaker grill on the left and a side button on the right, makes it almost similar to its predecessor. 

However, the back of Apple watch SE 2 has a new finish close to the Apple watch case. It is available in silver, midnight and starlight colour options. The new SE 2 model will feel light and comfortable on your wrist, just like the previous versions. You can also go swimming while wearing this watch. 

Super bright display, but lacks ‘Always-On’ mode

The Retina OLED display in the Apple Watch SE 2 is super bright, allowing you to see your screen even in the brightest sun. The screen can go up to 1000 nits, similar to what you’d experience in the series 8 models as well. 

However, one of the most prominent features omitted in the SE 2 model is the lack of an ‘always-on’ feature. So, the display won’t stay active when you are not looking at it.

Latest S8 processors for enhanced performance

Apple has equipped the latest Apple watch SE 2 with the brand new S8 processor, same as in series 8. According to the company, the SE 2 watch is 20% faster than the first generation Watch SE. 

Longer battery life

Apple claims that the new Apple watch SE 2 can last for about 18 hours, which is way too good as compared to other smartwatches. The watch will clearly last an entire day, making your routine much convenient. 

Great activity tracking features but lesser health features

Both Apple watch SE 2 and series 8 can track various exercise activities but the SE 2 lacks the ability to measure health features like skin temperature, blood oxygen, ECG, etc. 

What is the Apple Watch SE 2 price in India? 

In India, the starting price of the Apple Watch SE 2 is Rs. 29,900.

So, that’s the Apple watch SE 2 review. Hopefully, it will help you know the device better.

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