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04 Feb, 2023
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Nippon India Growth Fund Review

Nippon India Growth Fund: An Ideal Mutual Fund Investment for Medium-Sized Companies

Nippon India Growth Fund is a subsidiary of the Nippon India Mutual Fund scheme. It is a Mid- Cap mutual fund plan by nature. As of 31/03/2021, Nippon India Growth Fund has acquired AUM (Assets under management) of more than 9,000 crore, making it a medium-sized fund institution in its class.

Nippon India Growth Fund

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Key Components

  • Mid Cap fund: The said fund is invested in Indian stocks to the tune of 87.58 %. The break up is 8.92%, 57.07%, and 21.59 % in large-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, and small-cap equities respectively.
  • Compatibility: It is most suitable for investors who want to put their money in for at minimum 3 to 4 years and expect a high return. Such investors should, however, be prepared for the risk of moderate setbacks for their respective investment stint.

Origin and Features

Nippon India Mutual Fund, a subsidiary of Nippon Life Insurance Company, is an asset management firm established in India. The inception took place in 1996 as Reliance Mutual Fund. Its corporate headquarters are in Mumbai. Subsequently, the stakeholders have floated Nippon India Growth Fund to expand the business for the masses. Nippon India Mutual Fund is a joint venture between Reliance Capital and Nippon Life Insurance Company of Japan.

  • Category: Mid-Cap Equity
  • Asset Category: Equity
  • Expense Percentage:91% (30-4-2021)
  • Status: Open Ended
  • Benchmark: BSE S&P Mid-Cap TRI
  • Lowest Investment: 00
  • Minimum Topup: 00
  • Total Assets: 9,123 crore (30-4-2021)
  • Gross Turn Over: 105%
  • Load Capacity: 1% redemption within 30 days

The Takeaway

The Asset Management Company (AMC) of the Nippon India Mutual Fund has appointed Nippon India Growth Fund as its subsidiary. Individuals, institutions, private funds, and trusts can now benefit from the company’s mutual fund investment strategies, financial planning, portfolio management, and various advisory services.

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