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03 Jun, 2023
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Oribi Review

Oribi: A Key Market Developer Dashboard With Accurate Budgeting

Oribi assists marketers in tracking how various customers use their websites. It also provides the users with useful information that enables them to continue to customize and enhance the web platform.


How It Works

  • Large numbers of Oribi users are reducing cart desertion concerns and obtaining actionable data to know when visitors leave.
  • Besides, they can monitor all of the essential metrics, key indicators, and marketing budgets in a single dashboard.
  • Oribi also boosts Facebook and Google ad campaigns by transferring data from the software to these social media sites in one click.
  • It also tracks and credits every marketing operation, from paid promotions to newsletters and material, to see how each one affects sales.

Pros and Cons


  • This software provides exceptional value for money.  Oribi ideally fits in any tight budget seamlessly and is extremely simple to configure and use.
  • All activities are instantly gathered. One doesn’t need to write any code. Any website changes are automatically complied with.
  • The user interface (UI) quite user-friendly.
  • Oribi makes it simple for all potential campaigners to connect all of the cloud services they use and get a complete picture of the user experience.
  • Oribi software always functions with data support to allow users to decide which channels are to be converted.


  • The main drawback is Oribi’s minimal reporting capabilities. One can only report in pdf format from the reporting segment, which limits the data classification for possible inclusion or exclusion.
  • The ad campaigners would like have more features, such as to customize the reports, use whatever statistics to share with others together with switching widgets.
  • The Application Programme Interface (API) is not satisfactory. It needs to be improved.
  • The initial setup cost is high without any freebies other than the 14-day trial. So, you must ensure to have the website, product, and sales funnel handy such that you can start monitoring and optimizing in the right direction.

Oribi software has huge potentials in the modern online commercial scenario with multiple touchpoints traversing through all linked channels to determine conversion goals, concerning the prospective consumers.

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