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30 May, 2023
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Product Review: Kay Beautys Colour Correcting Primers

Katrina Kaif owned cosmetic brand Kay Beauty’s is going quite strong in the makeup world. The actor is keeping up with the game and constantly launching new and exciting products in the Indian market. Kay By Katrina has now become the Fenty Beauty of India. With various makeup products like lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, foundation, compact and highlighters, Kay Beauty has a wide array of products to offer. The new to join the block are Colour Correcting Primers but should you invest your money in the product? Will the product be able to add anything unique to your makeup vanity? Keep on reading as we give you a detailed review about it:

What Does The Product Claim? The product claims to prep your face for flawless makeup application and is 100% silicon free primers. The Colour Correcting Primers have the best of both worlds – It claims to conceal your dark circles, pigmentation, redness or dullness, and at the same time, it also promises to blur out all your blemishes; prepping your face for great makeup! The product has a no-shine and water-based formula which provides intense hydration to your skin so that all the makeup products glides smoothly on your skin. The product has a lightweight formula and claims to extend the life of your makeup.

The Key Ingredients: The product consists of Katrina’s Kare ingredients such as avocado butter which provides intense hydration to the skin, and mango butter which brightens and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. The product is cruelty-free, paraben-free and paraffin-free.

The Shade Range: The Colour Correcting Primers comes in 5 different shades:

Peach- To cover uneven skin tone and dark spots

Green- To neutralize redness to hide blemishes

Yellow- To combat discolouration and dullness

Orange- To cover dark spots and pigmentation

Lavender- To cover paleness to make skin brighter

The Packaging: The product has the usual Kay Beauty packaging and comes in a small tube with a white coloured cap. The product has travel-friendly packaging.

The Price: The Colour Correcting Primer retails for INR 799, containing 25ml of product. (*currently on Nykaa)

Our Verdict: As the name suggests, the product serves two purposes. While it corrects your skin, it also preps your face for flawless makeup. The product is infused with light-diffusing technology, and as it comes in different shades, the Colour Correcting Primers address various skin concerns and has something for everyone. Coming to the pricing factor, Kay Beauty has kept a reasonable price considering the fact that the product does two jobs. The Colour Correcting Primers allows your makeup to breathe and doesn’t feel very heavy on your skin. It provides a luminous and even finish without clogging your pores and causing any breakouts. If you are looking for a two-in-one product, the Colour Correcting Primers are a great choice to go for! 

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