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30 May, 2023
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OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition

Product Review of OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition

If you are a Harry Potter fan club member, everything for you revolves around wizardry, magic potions, and magic spells. Hypothetically, you are already living in a wizarding world. Well, the entire universe might have been turned out for you after the electronic company OnePlus announced the launch of the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition in collaboration with Warner Bros Consumer Products (WBCP) In India. The product is available across, Red Cable Cup app, OnePlus Store app and all offline OnePlus stores in India as the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition release date is today, i.e. 21st October. We can relate to the Potter fan in you, but should you invest your money in this limited edition watch? Keep on reading for a detailed review. 

OnePlus is quite a known brand in the smartphone world due to its groundbreaking technology. Recently, the company launched the smartwatch series. The most intriguing thing about the smartwatch is its 46mm dialer that helps swipe gestures, scroll through notifications, favourite apps, home/back screen and settings. The watch perfectly sits on your wrist due to its perfectly shaped and flat bottom lugs. The OnePlus watch Cobalt version gives a tough competition to Apple Watch S6 as it features sapphire glass and a vegan leather strap. 

The company did a pretty good job with the smartwatch. However, there are some shortcomings in the product. For example, the dialer can be too big for some people, and removing the remote camera shutter control feature might not go down well with consumers. The OnePlus actually falls somewhere between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, which means it doesn’t serve all the purposes of either of the two. 

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition

The new OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition specifications consist of everything that the standard version of the smartwatch has. To live up to the Harry Potter legacy in India, the company has added other features with the tagline ‘The Magic Awaits’. In the Harry Potter edition, the battery life has been extended with claiming to provide a day’s life in 5 minutes of charging. Along with better battery life, the watch has seamless connectivity, health and fitness-related modes (more than 110+ workout modes), and 5ATM + IP68(4) water resistance. In simpler terms, the Harry Potter edition is an upgraded version only in terms of cosmetics and visuals. 

Our Verdict

When it comes to capturing the Harry Potter essence, OnePlus has embossed the leather band with the iconic Hogwarts crest and offers durable curved 2.5D glass. However, there is nothing new about the watch except for the fact that it has some Harry Potter related elements. If you are not a die-hard Potter fan, there is no such need to buy the product, but if you are an active member of the Harry Potter club, the product is suitable as a first wand! 

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition is priced at INR 16,999 (on and originally priced at INR 19,999 in India. 

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