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03 Jun, 2023
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Should You Buy The Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub From Huda Beauty’s Skincare Line Wishful?

Huda Beauty founder Huda Kattan has got everything right with her makeup line. Recently, Kattan launched her skincare line, Wishful, and Beauty bloggers went insane. With makeup products, one can see results in just one stroke, but it’s not the case for skincare products; it takes a little time to fully understand if the product is doing anything good to your skin or not. 

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Mostly people are a little apprehensive about using a skincare product as it can do more harm than good; break out your skin and increase the already existing blemishes on your skin. 

On her Instagram, Huda Kattan shared the science behind the exfoliation and cell turnover process, and that’s precisely the reason she created the Yo Glow Enzyme scrub in the first place.

If you are confused as to whether to invest your hard-earned money on the product, then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to give our verdict on the Yo Glow Enzyme scrub. 

What Does The Product Claims? – The Yo Glow Enzyme scrub claims to be a gentle yet powerful exfoliating scrub that will give you smooth, radiant, and glowing skin in seconds. The product will feel lightweight on your skin and has a milky texture that gently washes off all the dead skin cells and impurities from your face, making it a perfect canvas to apply makeup. The product also promises long-lasting results in just ten days.

The Key Ingredients – The product has Papaya fruit extract, Pineapple fruit extract, BHAs, AHAs, and Cellulose. The scrub is cruelty-free,sulfate-free,paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

Which Skin Type Can Use The Product? – All skin types can use the Yo Glow scrub. Especially people with dull and uneven textured skin can see visible results after using the scrub. 

The Packaging – The scrub comes in a yellow coloured tube with the brand name written in holographic text and a screw cap on top. 

The Price – The Yo Glow Enzyme scrub comes in two sizes. The mini version of the product retails for INR 1850, containing 40 ml of product. The full size retails for INR 3400, containing 100 ml of product. (*currently on Nykaa)

Our Verdict: Skincare products, especially an exfoliator, might irritate your skin and leave it extremely dry; thankfully, that’s not the case with the Yo Glow scrub. After applying the product, your skin will become soft, smooth, and clean. The product has a noticeable smell, so it can turn off people who are sensitive to strong fragrances. 

If you want the product to remove your stubborn blackheads completely, you must use the scrub twice a week for visible results. If you have used a lot of Korean beauty products, then you will instantly get familiar with the texture of this scrub. The good thing about the product is that it’s not harsh on your skin, which most exfoliating scrubs are. 

Coming to the price factor, the price is relatively high according to the Indian market, but Kattan made a smart move by launching a mini version of the scrub. Though the mini version is pricey too, it’s always better to buy a mini size of a skincare product first and learn if the product is suiting your skin or not. 

Our final verdict would be to go ahead and buy the product if your skin urgently needs an exfoliating scrub. If it’s the other way round, you can give this product a miss too. 

You can buy Wishful products in India at :

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