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31 Jan, 2023
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Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt Is Bollywood’s Future!

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Alia Bhatt is known for her unmatched contribution to Indian Cinema, and her latest release testifies to her ability to choose movies with meaning. Recently, ‘Darlings’ was released on Netflix. This movie starring Alia, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma and Roshan Mathew is a movie with meaning. The film brings domestic violence into focus, and the most striking belief revolves around this situation. 

Story Line

Darlings is a story of a couple where the husband keeps beating the wife while the latter believes that things will get better someday. 

What is shown in the movie is the mentality of a serial wife beater. A person (man) who is the culprit in most domestic violence cases performs the various inhumane acts not because he is forced into it but because he loves doing it. 

This movie shows how males feel proud of dominating or beating their wives. The woman, on the other hand, keeps tolerating the torture while keeping a fake smile on her face just to keep her family intact and not let the disturbance bother children or other members of the family. 

Movie Cast

Alia Bhatt and Vijay Varma as Badru and Hamza fell in love and got married. A few years later, the husband becomes insensitive towards the wife’s existence, followed by unreasonable beatings and then apologies. The husband beats the wife, and after all the torture, Hamza prepares breakfast for Badru, the very next morning. The pattern continues because that’s how society wants it to be.  

The other powerful act is that of Shefali Shah as Shamsu. She is a mother to Badru, a woman who has raised her daughter single-handedly. The scenes planned between her and her earnest, handsome accomplice (Rogan Mathew) lend a touch of amusement to the proceedings. 

Furthermore, post interval, the film builds up on its black comedy aspect with the aim to lighten the ‘heavy’ topic of domestic violence. The story now makes way for the climax, where the mother and daughter plan to take revenge. The film might look boring in one or two places, but the overall story looks promising. 

Alia Bhatt has already raised the bar for movies with meaning, and darlings on Netflix is an example of the same. Take out sometime this weekend to watch the film and give your reviews on the same.

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