Doctor G Review: "NEET Se Nikle To Gynaecology Pe Atke" Is What The Film Tries To Portray!

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In your life, you may have heard people saying: ‘Yaar, main toh ye banna chahta tha par ye ban baitha. But, you may not have experienced how it actually feels to get into such situations. But, if you really want to virtually experience it, you can definitely watch Ayushmann Khurrana's starrer Doctor G. The film revolves around Dr Uday Gupta, who aspires to become an ornithologist but accidentally gets admission into the gynaecology department of Bhopal medical college. Wait! The story does not end with the accidental admission to the wrong department. In fact, it has a lot more things to entertain you with what our society is really going through currently. Yes, you heard it correct! Although we claim that we are a modern generation of the 21st century, we are not so progressive yet. You may definitely be aware of the fact that Ayushmann Khurrana always prefers to star in films that somewhere challenge the stereotypical mindset of society. The same he does in Doctor G, where he becomes a student in the gynaecology department and struggles to enter into the ornithology department. Also Read: List of Ayushmann Khurrana Movies that you cannot miss!  Through the film, director Anubhuti Kashyap succeeds in portraying how patriarchy influences our society. Dr Uday, who is the only student in a class of females, finds it difficult to study a topic that challenges his mindset. The study area for Uday is gynaecology, which often has female students. Due to this mindset, Uday finds it difficult to accept his identity as a gynaecologist. So, he tries to swap his position with students in the ornithology department. But, to his bad luck, no one accepts his proposal. In Doctor G, the story is pretty well sculpted, from the plotting of casts to their roles in various scenes. As obvious with Ayushmann starring films, the actor never compromises to bring a smile to our face. So, he does the same in Doctor G with dialogues like “Jo cheez mere paas hai hi nahi, uska ilaaj kaise karoon”, Mummy log kya kahenge ki is age m aap tinder use karti ho?” Not only Ayushmann's dialogue made the film an entertaining one, his co-actors, too, didn't compromise to do the same. Like, his mother's dialogue: Log kya kahenge ki tumhara ladka college mein mahilaon ke guptang dekhta hai,”, one of the students saying: “Reedh ki haddi to hai nahi tumhare paas haddiyon ka doctor banke kya karoge?” and one of his teacher Dr Nandini saying: “Male female kya hota hai ek doctor to doctor hota hai, log kya sochte hai ye matter nahi karta aap kya sochte hain ye karta hai, you have to loose your male touch,”   All these dialogues and well-crafted storyline touches upon many sensitive topics besides entertaining its audience, making it a decent one-time watch! Watch Doctor G trailer here: https://youtu.be/XJrRrMCEmp8

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