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Directed by Vinil Mathew and produced by Aanand L. Rai, Himanshu Sharma and Bhushan Kumar, Haseen Dillruba is a tale of love, lust, and betrayal. Taapsee Pannu essays the role of a confusing yet interesting character Rani Kashyap, who is obsessed with reading author Dinesh Pandit's crime for passion novels and believes in the saying - "Amar prem wahi hai jismai khoon ke halke halke se cheentein ho taki usse buri nazar na lage." The 136 minutes-long movie explores the length and breadth of Rani and Rishu's characters. Haseen Dillruba begins with a massive bomb blast and the husband losing his life, and all eyes stuck on the wife. As Rani Kashyap starts narrating the story of her thorny marriage, the plot shifts six months back when Rishu (Vikrant Massey), a seedha-saadha engineer, goes to see an outspoken and good-looking Rani Kashyap. At the first meet itself, Rishu falls head over heels for Rani and the two get married, which brings Rani from Delhi to a small-town Jwalapur to begin her new life. At the meet itself, one could see that the arranged marriage is a union of two opposite individuals. While Rishu is hard-working and serious, Rani is cheerfully blunt and fiery. However, both try to gel up together, but Rani's bridal hormones are far from satisfied. Things get on a steamy side when a muscle-flexing brawny fellow, Neel Tripathi (Harshvardhan Rane), enters Rani and Rishu's life. With a little to no sex life and a boring husband who wouldn't even care to talk, a sexually and emotionally deprived Rani slowly begins to fall for Neel's outrageous and adventurous personality. For Rani, Neel becomes the only one who can satisfy her sexual drive and eventually, she falls into the pit with practically cheating her husband. The story from here on becomes too predictable and a classic case of two lovers killing the husband and flying away to begin a new life. The story takes a thrilling turn when Rani reveals to Rishu that she has fallen in love with Neel. You start to feel a little bit of empathy as Rani is left with nothing but unfulfilled desires and a longing for love with an escaped lover and an angry husband. At this phase, we see a completely changed avatar of Rishu who intentionally starts hurting Rani, and you come across an angry, obsessive and vengeful lover. The story does give you an idea of how love stories are not what you see; it's much more than that. It's almost like sinners judging sinners differently. Coming to the cast, Vikrant Massey as an obsessed lover, steals the show with his impeccable acting, and you do realize that Massey's potential as an actor has many layers, and one can mould him into whichever character they like. Taapsee Pannu as Rani Kashyap essays many roles - a grieving widow, an adulterator, a sexually attractive woman, and a scared murder suspect but can't convince you that Haseen Dillruba is her best performance. Even after having a stellar cast, the film falls down the line at many places and many emotions spelt out but what still remains is blandness. The only actor who shines throughout the film is, hands down, Vikrant Massey. Haseen Dillruba is streaming on Netflix.

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