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24 May, 2022
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Movie Review: KGF Chapter 2

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When KGF: Chapter 1 was released four years ago, the makers made a promise. The promise of making a great Kannada film that will reach new heights and keep the audience glued to the KGF world. Today, the makers are back with KGF Chapter 2, and did they kept the promise? Let’s find that out in KGF chapter 2 review here.  

Written and directed by Prashanth Neel, the star himself, KGF: Chapter 2  capture the nation’s attention and re-creates the long-tested story of a man under his control who comes above all odds. However, when the underdog Rocky Bhai (Yash) seems invincible, every part of the masala statue is driven to star levels. The second part continues from where the first part ends. 

Now we see Narachi’s “pillars” being forced to accept Rocky as their new boss. Yes, this leads to frustration across the board, and it is clear that betrayal will hit Rocky left, right, and centre. But we are not looking at KGF in terms of architectural ingenuity, but in establishing a mechanism. Whenever we think that a high point of some conflict is being achieved, the director almost seems to give a distorted smile as if it were just the tip of an iceberg. This is something that happens more than once and is proof of the influence of  the script. 

The other side of the KGF that will always be associated with a franchise is high-profile violence. While there is a lot to discuss when a film falls into good behavior, the film’s visual gripping style closes out such thought processes during its performance. 

Many such questions arise when you look at KGF 2, the core of which is a terrifically written female lead. As Reena, the character portrayed by female actor Srinidhi Shetty suffers from severe Stockholm Syndrome, one cannot help but feel wrong about her character drawing. It is worrying because minor roles like the one played by Easwari Rao gets a neat circular arc. 

Certainly, Reena and Srinidhi were better suited. The film is almost certainly at risk of constipation, especially in the early stages, because so many layers are packed very quickly. There is one more criminal and one more news line. Even the last few minutes of the film leaves you with an empty feeling because you would still be unsure if it would do justice to the events shown in both the parts of KGF. 

However, Yash’s top-notch performance confirms that these are fleeting thoughts and we don’t really focus on them because the actor, at the highest level, keeps us hooked to his acting. In addition to his playful curves, the beats of emotion are very active, and Yash’s angry eyes mean more than he does with his broken English accent. And these conversations not only add to the ongoing humor, but they also have significant lines that can go directly to inspiring posters. 

Of course, there is no point in discussing the logic, or its absence because you would always find valuable connections in the world created by Prashanth Neel. The smart technical team combines exciting visuals to keep us invested in the KGF world. Keeping the color palette small, photographer Bhuvan Gowda gives us stunning visuals that captures the beauty of t KGF without having to show off a real boat. No aspect of this richness seems to be trivial or overbearing. 

Almost at every point, KGF: Chapter 2 is  like a collaborative work between each department, and it is interesting to see how each of the department has worked as a watchmaker to bring this excellent film to the audience. The idea of pan-Indian movies may now have been reduced to a gimmick in many cases, but the KGF franchise is a real-world example of this growing trend. 

Overall, the KGF world, like always, doesn’t disappoint and passes with flying colours. You must really get high over the KGF fever at a theatre near you, as the craze for KGF Chapter 3 is already building up!

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