Movie Review: Sardar Ka Grandson

Directed by Kaashvie Nair and starring Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta and Rakul Preet Singh focuses on the life of Amreek Singh (Arjun Kapoor), who visits his family in Amritsar and learns about her grandmother's (Neena Gupta) illness. We are told that the last wish of Amreek's grandmother is to visit her home in Lahore that she built with her husband, and she asks Amreek to take her there. Everything seems to go in line until Pakistani authorities deny Singh's grandmother a visa. Amreek then hatches a plan to go to Pakistan and somehow physically transport the ancestral home across the border. The plot might seem like a fun ride, but Arjun completes his mission, including bonding with locals, consuming alcohol, and almost getting arrested, with a resting face (quite literally). The protagonist is the hero in the scripts, but Neena Gupta is the only hero as she shines throughout the film. As a viewer, you might expect that you are in for a crazy ride, but what may seem like a laughable plot will soon turn into a series of predictable and cringy plots. The director deserves full marks on trying to create a comedy ride for the audience, but the film falls midway with neither the jokes working nor a connection to the emotional vulnerabilities of the characters. The backstory of a Punjabi family with a hot-headed Sardar, children, grandchildren over property issues, and ownership of the family company fails to strike a chord. While Arjun Kapoor fails to make any impression, Neena Gupta shines throughout the film. Coming to Rakul Preet Singh, she has very little to do in the movie. Gupta brings some life to an otherwise dull film. To conclude, the film had the potential to become a carefree entertainer, but the film's execution is so sloppy that you might not even want to complete the journey. Well, the only reason to watch Sardar Ka Grandson would be to witness the effortless acting of Neena Gupta! Sardar Ka Grandson is streaming on Netflix.

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