Movie Review: The Big Bull

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The Big Bull is a 2021 film based on a real story. It follows the times and life of a small-time stockbroker named Hemant Shah. The man is shown to manipulate all the loopholes present in the archaic banking system of the country to design a huge bull run on the stock market. However, Hemant’s dream soon turned into a nightmare of epic proportions as the economy of India took a massive leap towards liberalization. This story, based on real events, follows the theme of ‘rags to riches.’ This story has already been told before in a bestseller web series, and there is little that the audience does not already know about the multi-crore scam in the Indian stock market. So, the movie’s director and co-writer, Kookie Gulati, had a pretty huge task to do justice to the protagonist's enigmatic character in a feature film of two and a half hours. That said, Gulati did not completely succeed in telling the story as the real events are far more exciting and fascinating. The movie takes the audience through the journey of Hemant Shah (Abhishek Bachchan), who goes from a middle-class salaried man to a seasoned and manipulative stockbroker. However, the film fails to show the protagonist actually slugging it out at the Indian stock exchange scene. The entire rise from being the common man to the wealthy Messiah feels underwhelming and rushed. All in all, The Big Bull can be called a decent attempt at relating a dramatic story of the biggest financial scams of the country, orchestrated by a con man of epic proportions. If you are a fan of Abhishek Bachchan, you can go ahead and watch it but keep your expectations on the lower side!

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