Mumbai Saga Is A Massy and Gritty Gangster Drama

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The story that is at the heart of Sanjay Gupta’s Mumbai Saga is based on true events and follows the narrative of a commoner-turned- gangster Amartya Rao who rose to dramatic ranks in the Mumbai of 90s and whose ascension was marked by brawn, betrayal, and a lot of bloodshed. Mumbai Saga is a heavy-duty action flick that faithfully transports its audience into the Mumbai of 90s. Then called Bombay, this is a city which is ruled by its notorious bhaus and bhais for whom the law enforcement personnel are just mere pawns. In the midst of these violent times, a strapping young, and seemingly innocent man undergoes a volatile transformation as his younger brother is beaten within inches of his life by goons. From this point onwards, the story tracks Amartya’s journey as he dives headlong into this dangerous nexus of mafia, Machiavellian politicians, and blood-thirsty encounter specialists- all of whom harbour the ultimate desire of reigning supreme over Mumbai. The screenplay is quite busy and has all the makings of a commercial, massy entertainer. It is packed to the brim with dialogues and punches that are as metaphorical as they are literal. All the lines within the movie have been penned down with the intention of soliciting ecstatic claps and hoots from among the audience and it serves that purpose quite well. The conflict among the characters is compelling and rather captivating and they do a good job of painting a vivid picture of Mumbai’s turbulent past. The film falters a little in the second-half however, falling prey to run-of-the-mill plot twists and typical crime potboiler antics. In the acting department, John Abraham and Emran Hashmi do a commendable job of carrying the film on their able shoulders and deliver performances that are entertaining and impactful. While the former leaves a little to be desired in emotional scenes, his action sequences are certainly impeccable. Suniel Shetty’s cameo is incredibly well-timed and acted out with curated finesse. Overall, leaving aside a few inconsistencies here and there both in the plot as well as the screenplay, Mumbai Saga makes for an entertaining and rather solid weekend watch. It is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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