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29 May, 2022
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Netflix’s Latest Release Irul Fails To Strike Audience’s Heart

The plot follows the way of age-old crime-thriller storyline where Alex Parayil (Soubin Shahir) and his girlfriend, Archana Pillai (Darshana Rajendran), decides to take a weekend off with no cell phones, and in route, their car breaks down. The couple then goes to a nearby house to take shelter for the night. Here, we are introduced to the owner of the house (Farhadh Faasil). To sum up the plot – a dark night, a stranded couple, an empty house, and an unknown man.

The word ‘Irul’ literally means darkness which is very well conveyed by the cinematographer Jomon T John as he brilliantly lays down the mood of the film with some breathtaking shots. At the start, the screenplay looks promise, but as you invest more of your time into the film, the screenplay keeps getting worse. In the middle of the movie, you may even feel like, why am I watching it? 

Irul is a Malayalam language film and released on 2nd April; viewers had a lot of expectations as the Malayalam industry does get the thriller genre right. (Remember the brilliant movie C U Soon?)

Though the film contains a stellar cast, it looks like a half-hearted effort. The viewers don’t get a lot of surprises which is generally promised in a genre like crime-thriller. The film is shown from the Point of view of Archana, who is as confused as we are; where is Alex taking here? Whom to trust between the two men? 

Even with so many questions at stake, the film doesn’t manage to take a chill down your spine, and no, you will not jump with scare while watching most of the film. The film lacks in many ways, like artificial dialogues and disorienting storyline. If attention had been paid to the storytelling, then Ireful wouldn’t have looked like a half-baked thriller.

Irul is streaming on Netflix.

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