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30 May, 2023
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The family man amazon

Positives and Negatives of the Amazon original: The Family Man

Amazon’s original, The Family Man revolves around a question – What is more important? Family or Nation. It takes you through the journey of an Indian Spy Srikant Tiwari played by the talented actor Manoj Bajpayee, working for TASC, a mysterious organisation for preventing terrorist attacks by conducting a mass-surveillance. Parallel to this, we are also shown the family of Srikant, a wife, and two children. How he juggles between two very different lives is what the series is all about. 

Positives of the Series 

Refreshing Storyline – The family Man takes 100 points on the storyline; generally, spy thrillers try to show the protagonist as a superhuman, but the series treats a spy as a normal human being, and he too has to deal with the same family drama as you and me. 

Great Humour – Spy thrillers are mostly based on larger-than-life actions but the series along with that, adds a tadka of humour. You kinda feel sad for Srikant, but you secretly can’t stop laughing at what life throws at him. 

Negatives of the Series

Under-developed Characters – The series deals with many characters, but the only criticism is that the characters are not built properly. You are told nothing about their past to connect with their present. The 10 episodes long series could have avoided that. 

Confusing writing – As the series juggles between Srikant’s personal and professional life, you may think at a point, am I really watching a spy-thriller. Due to different timelines, sometimes it’s attention-grabbing and in between it can get boring. 

To conclude, The family Man is engaging and stands out in terms of other Indian spy-thrillers. The series aptly depicts the terrorism threat that India faces and also deals with the reality that no matter  what we are, what we do and where we go we all have our families.

The family man season 2 was all set to hit the OTT platform on 12th February this year, but the makers took to Instagram and announced that the date has been postponed to this summer. So, till then, we’d suggest you watch season 1 of The Family Man streaming on Amazon Prime Video and figure out is Moosa really dead from the teaser below?

Checkout the teaser trailer of the The Family Man season 02


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