Ram Setu Review: Handing VFX To Bollywood Is Like Giving Steering to a Monkey!

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The introduction of VFX in Bollywood movies gave everyone hope of something new that could revitalize the country's dying culture of Hindi cinema. However, the recent releases greatly disappointed us as none of those VFX-inducted movies entertained its audiences. Well, here our discussion is about the recently released Ram Setu. The movie not only failed at the box office but also questioned the acting career of Bollywood star Akki. Akshay Kumar indeed has a huge fan base because of his stunning looks. However, over the past few months, we don't know why he switched to the quantitative mode, as he is working on multiple projects at the same time. His engagement on multiple projects is greatly impacting his performance, due to which he is failing to deliver quality performance to all of us. In fact, his starrer Ram Setu is the best definition of "Be Sar Pair Ki Kahaani". Look here why we are saying it so harshly.

Ram Setu Movie Review

After watching the trailer on YouTube, we assumed that there would be something special in the storyline that the trailer lags to present. However, the trailer was everything (the vagueness) that Ram Setu story contained in it. In fact, the introduction of an Astronauts-like suit for exploring Setu stones felt so boring that the audience sitting next to me preferred to play candy crush inside the theatre. Yes! The way in which the director introduced the story cast was easily predictable, even for a three-year-old kid. Moving ahead with the storyline, the movie's second half added another layer of disappointment to audiences. Even I felt that Doraemon's old episodes were way better than the movie's storyline. Although Abhishek Sharma gave some remarkable performances in the past, he greatly failed in his recent work. Yeah! With the title and teaser, it was assumed that the movie could be something we could watch with our family. But to our disappointment, the movie has nothing good for anyone as the story seems vague in all aspects. Next to our disappointment, the induction of VFX effects has made the matter worst. It is true that Bollywood directors are trying to copy the concept of VFX in their works, but they lag the necessary skills to do so. The same goes true for Ram Setu, as the film also lags in this aspect. In fact, there would be nothing wrong if we say that Nakal Ke Liye Bhi Akal Chahiye Hoti Hai, as Ayan Mukherjee directed Brahmastra too, failed to entertain its audiences. The movie started on VFX and ended without narrating what it intended to do.

Music Work Of Ram Setu

It is well said for any film that movies attract the audience because of two reasons one is its music, and the second is its storyline. If the movie has none of these in its plot, it has nothing for audiences. Ram Setu is the perfect example of this. The music used in the background was not promising enough to divert our attention from being bored to being attached to the storyline.

Final Words

Being a popular star, Akshay Kumar has to acknowledge that he is nothing without his fans. So, he must know what his fans want him to do rather than simultaneously sign multiple projects. Nowadays, don't know why but he is not heading his attention to this aspect. In fact he has made his mindset that anyhow 5-6 movies karni hi hain saal bhar m kam se kam. If big players in Bollywood don't come ahead to stop at this moment, then no one could claim the future of this industry in any sense. The Hindi film industry is already struggling for its survival, and in such a stage, it is important for actors to look for a good script rather than playing a bluff on their end.

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