Sanya Malhotra Starrer Pagglait is the Perfect Blend of Humour and Drama

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Pagglait The Umesh Bist directed film Pagglait is set around the Giri Family, who are mourning the loss of their eldest son, Astik. The film showcases the ins and outs of what takes place during the period of 13 days as the family prepares to bid the last goodbye to Astik. The one character who is stuck in all this mess and is unable to shed tears is Astik’s wife, Sandhya. The couple were married for five months, but Sandhya never fell in love with Astik, as a result, Sandhya remains unaffected by the grief that backdrops the narrative.  Just when Astik’s young brother is performing necessary rituals at the ghaat; Sandhya secretly gets out with her best friend Nazia (Shruti Sharma) to grab a plate of golgappas; precisely that’s how real and authentic Pagglait is. 

Why Should You Watch it?

Though some critics believe that the movie turns out to be quite dull, but the film focuses on the issue of women empowerment without being too loud about the topic. It manages to convey the emotions of most of the Indian girls who are stuck in an arranged marriage and don't feel a pinch of love for their husbands.  Pagglait is a movie that sends out a strong message that sometimes death can be more revealing than life. Though the film’s climax is predictable and self-explanatory, the beautiful journey will still keep you engaged with the story and the main character- Sandhya.  Pagglait is hands down one of the most brilliant performances of Sanya Malhotra, as she steals the show with her top-notch portrayal of Sandhya.  Pagglait is an entertaining film and reveals the need to give importance to a woman’s desires and freedom. Umesh Bist decently conveys a profound message with some hilarious dialogues. A 13 days roller coaster ride is a perfect watch for the weekend. Pagglait is streaming on Netflix. 

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