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24 Mar, 2023
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Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey Is An Inspiring Sports Drama But Lacks Excitement

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A Gowtam Tinnanuri film, Jersey is the official remake of the 2019 Telugu hit with the same name. The sports-drama released today and has all the elements of an inspiring sports-centric story.  The film explores the journey of a man who takes care of an important secret that restrains his sports ambitions. It also explores the real action of cricket in Ranji Trophy, minor disputes that take place between players and the politics among Indian sports team. The director persists of keeping the key low, which quickly makes everything connected. But the film is greatly expanded in 172 minutes. 

A very talented cricket player, who works low-key and with an uncertain future. His wife, tries her best to keep everything going. Their youngest son, who views his father as an idol, is the recipient of an unshakable faith. And the secret that was destroyed, the light that had been defeated was, in fact, the winner, not only of his family, but of his friends and other players.

The world of Arjun Talwar (Shahid Kapoor) moves around Vidya (Mrunal Thakur), and Kittu (Ronit Kamra). The middle-class family, based in Chandigarh, facing middle-class issues like dripping walls and unpaid electricity bills, and an ambitious man trying to find his way in all these. 

In the original film, the leading man is in his forties, and the important relationship between father and son is very contradictory. However, in the Hindi remake, Arjun Talwar is  fairly young, 35 years old. And his hero image in front of his son does not change, in spite of everything. It would have been nicer if there was more texture in the interaction between Talwar Sr. and Jr., as it exists in the curve between Arjun and Vidya. The duo falls in love with each other at a young age and consciously realizes that life cannot be lived with love and a new spirit alone. 

There is a sequence in the film between Shahid Kapoor and his real father Pankaj Kapur playing his insignificant coach and mentor. Pankaj Kapur brings in a well-functioning, comfortable, expressive son, who looks very strong when he smashes four and six on the field, and is terrified when he doesn’t. 

The reason for Arjun’s slip on the scales has been left as a major exposure to the remake, but it comes too late. The original version had allowed us to get into it at an early stage and that had helped us understand the depth of heroic pain. In Hindi remake, the plot gives Shahid very few times to lower his alertness and show us his dangerous side: many of which would have left a definite effect on our mind.

The emotional ending, even though it sounds like a last minute, provides the important drama that a film like this needs. That, along with the message that it is not too late to make your dreams come true. All in all, however, Jersey comes out straight with no excitement.   

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