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26 Sep, 2022
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What Makes a Person Indian? Anek Asks The Right Question At The Right Time!

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Anek, directed by Anubhav Sinha was released in theatres this Friday. It is a film portraying the political conflict and cultural identity of the Northeast India. The action-thriller touches upon the Indian identity and, through the characters, the movie questions what makes a person ‘Indian’. 

The film deals with how the idea of peace can often be immaterial and subjective. The movie conveys that Peace for one doesn’t always translates to Peace for all. Lead actor Ayushmann Khurrana plays a role of an undercover cop Aman (alias: Joshua). He is given the task of getting a peace accord signed between India and the Northeast states, along with one of his superiors.

“Abba bolte han, hum Indian nahi hain, is liye mujhe India ke team ke liye khelna hain,” says Andrea Kevischusa, who is playing the role of Aido, a boxer from the Northeast part of India. She dreams of earning a place in the national team so that her voice can reach out nationally. Mipham Otsal plays Wangnao, Andrea’s father, a school teacher who is secretively leading a rebel group. 

Ayushmann Khurrana playing Joshua, while making relevant points, faces the dilemma as to whether he should follow orders given by the government he works for or do what he thinks is right to bring Peace to the Northeast India.

Ayushmann meets Andrea, and they become friends as he tries to penetrate into a nationalist group run by her father. Andrea plays her role with ease and is appreciated by the audience. She also plays Joshua’s potential love interest; the film sticks to what it sets out to do – tell a political story and do not add an unnecessary love angle, making it worth seeing. Then there’s Nico, a young boy who takes to rebellion. Emma, Nico’s mother, shines in one of the most powerful scenes in the film.

Manoj Pahwa essays the role of Abrar and plays an essential role as a peace broker – and he portrays it with ease. Even Tiger Sangha and J.D Chakarvarthy’s performances are worth watching. Director Anubhav Sinha is not new to this genre of Hindi political dramas and has given us films like Mulk and Article 15 to tell the story to a grown audience. 

Anek movie review: The film stands out to be mixed. In some scenes in the film, the film will leave you emotional and in some scenes, you might get puzzled. However, the director could have done better in the film’s first half because only after the interval, pieces started to fit together. Anek has used powerful and operative imagery to make people’s voices heard, as Joshua would say. Scenes depicting police brutality, power corruption, racial discrimination and oppression done on northeast people will have a strong impact on your mind. The film places its faith in the old saying: ‘show, don’t tell’, and it works. 

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