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04 Jun, 2023
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BCCI Officials To Meet In Mumbai This Week For Final T20 World Cup Verdict

The T20 World Cup will be happening at the end of the year. The teams will be focused on winning an international trophy. The original venue of the tournament was supposed to be India. However, with the nature of the pandemic and the way that things have been in recent times, the ICC has had its doubts over the possibility of conducting it at the initially decided location.

Despite that, the official venue of the tournament has not been changed yet. Though the IPL 2021 competition was halted and moved out of India, the luxury of time was on the side of the BCCI. This has given them a window of hope, where things may work out in their favor.

The Latest Update On The T20 World Cup And What Next For The BCCI?

A report suggests that the top Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officials will meet in Mumbai this week. Sourav Ganguly is already in the city, as per the story. They will take the final call on the T20 World Cup and its venue. The decision of whether the competition should be held in India or not will be decided.

The BCCI officials will be assessing the current Covid-19 situation. They will be working out the feasibility of hosting the tournament in India. The ICC has given a deadline of the 28th of June for this decision to be made on the T20 World Cup. The meeting will also be used to finalize the dates for IPL 2021 Phase 2 and an update on the decisions of the other international boards will be given as well.

A source told ANI that the BCCI is keen to still host the tournament in India. He added that the ex-Indian skipper wants to discuss issues related to hosting the showpiece event. His statement was “Sourav Ganguly is in Mumbai at present. BCCI needs to discuss the important matters around hosting the T20 World Cup. Further, the matter of tax exemption needs to be cleared to the ICC by tomorrow while the issue of hosting the tournament needs to be decided on by June 28. So, a couple of important decisions are set to be taken in the next few days.”


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