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03 Jun, 2023
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BCCI Releases T20 World Cup Prize Money To Women’s Team

The BCCI had attracted a lot of attention in recent times for the unpaid payments of players, both men and women. The issue had been brought up in the media more often than not. Payments of the prize money for the T20 World Cup that the women had played was still pending. The spokesperson of the governing body of Indian cricket had given out justifications as to why these pending payments were not made. The main reason for the delay was the fact that the payments had been delayed by the ICC.

Social Media platforms had caught on to this issue when the new contracts were announced. Keeping that in mind, it seems that the BCCI has finally cleared the pending dues. This would surely calm the situation and be a huge boost ahead of the upcoming England tour. The fans finally got what they wanted.

What Was The Issue About The Pending Pay For The T20 World Cup Prize And The Statement Made By A Board Member Now?

The main problem that was being highlighted was of a pending payment. This was for the prize money of the T20 World Cup. The tournament was the one that the Indian Women’s team had played last year. Due to this, a spokesperson from the BCCI had to issue a statement at that point in time.

Eventually, it seems that the issue has been resolved now. A very reliable source within the board spoke to a leading newspaper about the matter. He further added that the issue had been now resolved and the payments have been cleared.

The source said, “The BCCI had last month had asked all the members of the Indian women’s team to send an invoice. This was to claim their prize money that was pending for the T20 World Cup, as well as the home series against SA. Once the players actually raised the invoices, we have managed to clear their payment within a day or two. Thus, all the dues of the women’s team have now been cleared.”

Well, it seems that the issue of the pending payment for the T20 World Cup and the South African series has been resolved. The women have waited long enough to receive their dues. They would be delighted to be compensated for their efforts. Though that did take quite a while and got the fans talking, all is well that ends well!!

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