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03 Jun, 2023
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Dale Steyn Sends Out Message After Retirement From All Forms Of Cricket

Dale Steyn, the legendary South African speed bowler, has announced his retirement from all forms of cricket on August 31, 2021. Steyn is regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers in South African cricket history, having taken 699 wickets in international matches.

Steyn has finally spoken more about his upbringing and teens. The pacer, who grew up in the African village of Phalaborwa, said he was a bit afraid of anything he did since he was an Englishman. Steyn also stated that he became more conscious of the Muslim population after joining the South African
National Team.

What Dale Steyn Said In An Interview With SACricket MAG After Confirming His Retirement From All Forms Of Cricket?

Steyn also said that when he first visited Sri Lanka, he heard the call of prayer. Steyn also recalled asking the batter if he would stop when the bowler was rushing in to bowl if the call for prayer came at that moment.

“I grew up in this very Afrikaans town of Phalaborwa and being English there – my whole family comes from Zimbabwe – I was already a little bit timid and scared of everything I did. It was difficult. When you join the South African team my awareness grew of what the Muslim community does and how things
happen. I had no idea.”

“I remember being in Sri Lanka for the first time and you can hear the Muslim call to prayer. I asked a silly question because I genuinely did not know where I come from. I asked what if I am running in to bowl. If this happens, is the batter going to stop?”

Steyn went on to say that he was insulted because of his inquiry. Despite that, he learnt a lot from it. He went on to say that when players like Hashim Amla joined the South African team, they patiently imparted their knowledge with him.

He further talked about his experiences with his teammates and the fun times he shared with them. It was a great overall experience for the fast bowler. He said the journey had been, Bittersweet but grateful.

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