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03 Jun, 2023
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England’s Tour Of Bangladesh Ahead Of T20 World Cup Pushed To March 2023

There is no doubt that the IPL is one of the biggest domestic tournaments in the world. That is due to the amount of money invested in it and the returns that the players and the teams get from it. The ICC too enjoys the tournament, as it helps them maximize their revenue as well. Keeping that in mind, the International Cricket Council can at times change things around just to protect their interests. However, a successful T20 World Cup will be a priority for all cricketing bodies at present.

Despite that, England and Bangladesh have decided to postpone their series that was supposed to happen this year. The English tour of the Asian side has been postponed to March 2023. It comprised of both ODIs and T20s and now has been rescheduled.

What Is The Reason For This Change In Plan Prior To The T20 World Cup That Will Be Held In The UAE And Oman?

The T20 World Cup was shifted from India to the UAE and Oman. This meant that a lot of work was needed to be done prior to making things happen. The BCCI is keen on making things happen in the right way. To add to that, even the second phase of IPL 2021 is in the UAE. That means that they can focus on making both competitions a grand success.

To add to that, the reason for the change in plans between England and Bangladesh is so that the players can feature in the second phase of the IPL tournament. Money talks and that has been a well-known fact and the players would also get some competitive game-time in the UAE. That could be an additional reason for the boards to finally agree on the proposal.

The ECB and the BCB both confirmed the same on Tuesday. Though Covid-19 protocols were also said to be a reason for the change of plans, the fans thought otherwise. Well, whatever be the reason, the IPL 2021 and T20 World Cup will have some great matches. Cricket fans across the globe will be eager to watch the players in action surely.

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