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04 Jun, 2023
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ICC T20 World Cup: Tournament Likely To Move Out Of India

The ICC T20 World Cup is right upon us and the BCCI is concerned about the venue of the tournament. Initially, the tournament was supposed to be held in India. However, there are many doubts about the venue of the competition now. This is due to the multiple problems that the governing body of Indian cricket is facing at present.

One such major concern is the issue of the tax exemption with the Indian government, which hasn’t been resolved yet. Further, the ICC has put a deadline of 28th June as the last date for a decision to be made. Due to this, the BCCI is trying its best to resolve the issue. It has unfortunately not worked out so far.

What Next For The BCCI; Where Will The T20 World Cup Be Actually Held?

The tournament that is supposed to be held in October-November, could follow the same route as IPL Phase-2. After the IPL Governing Council and the BCCI decided that they will not be concluding the IPL 2021 tournament in India, the tournament was moved to the UAE. With that being said, the ICC T20 World Cup could be moved to a new location as well.

There are multiple options for the BCCI to choose from. However, a call needs to be taken by them and fast. Already, the IPL 2021 tournament’s halt and eventual move away from India has hurt them financially. Now, the Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) will want to get things done and fast.

For now, this tax exemption issue seems to be a major problem. If it is not resolved in time, the BCCI may lose the opportunity to host the tournament in India. They may have to wait for a few more years before they can actually host an international tournament in the tournament. The ICC T20 World Cup could then be held in the UAE, UK or even Sri Lanka, depending on the new venue that is chosen by the concerned parties. Let’s wait and watch!!

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