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03 Jun, 2023
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ICC To Decide The Fate Of The T20 World Cup On June 1

It has now been confirmed that the International Cricket Council (ICC) will be making its decision on the fate of the T20 World Cup on the 1st of June. The governing body of cricket across the globe needs to take its decision on the venue of the tournament. That is the major concern amid the pandemic that has impacted the world as we know it. Currently, India is the chosen venue, though it seems highly likely that the location could be changed soon.

The main problem for the ICC and the BCCI would be the growing number of cases in the country. Due to a few infections, the IPL 2021 tournament also had to be temporarily suspended. After the postponement of the T20 World last year, the ICC would not want to take any risks with this year’s competition.

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What Is The Best Solution For The ICC With Regards To The T20 World Cup?

Currently, the ICC has a couple of options that have come out as clear potential replacements. The UK and UAE are the ones that are being talked about. It is also rumoured that the IPL 2021 tournament could be concluded in one of these venues as well. It is still not certain which one would it be and what would be the time slot to finish off the remaining competition.

With that being said, Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Chahal had stated some time ago, “The case numbers are dropping. We do not think that it will take a U-turn again. This is after we are testing everyone we can. But we are preparing ourselves for the third wave. If there is any such wave, we are having more jumbo field hospitals to deal with it.”

Another verified and well-informed source stated about a change in venue, “The ICC is not unaware of the situation. One cannot speculate on what will be the decision on June 1. One has to wait and see.”

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