Michael Vaughan Backs England To Win The T20 World Cup

Cricket Pundits and former players are all making a prediction about the T20 World Cup. A lot of top names have suggested that there could be some teams that might do well in the tournament. One such ex-player that has now come out and backed his side is Michael Vaughan. The former English captain has suggested that he feels that England has done everything right to win the T20 World Cup. The former English skipper has had some controversial opinions about the Indian team and more. He has been called out by fans on Social Media quite a bit for the same. The commentator and now Pundit has been involved in a few Twitter spats due to the same reason as well.

What Did Michael Vaughan Say About The Chance Of England To Win The T20 World Cup 2021 Title?

feels that England has a well-balanced side. They have quite a few all-rounders amongst their ranks. This is something that is needed by a team that wants to win the competition. With that being said, he let his opinion known to the fans recently. He has stated that he feels that England are the favourites to win the competition, despite it being relocated to UAE and Oman. [do_widget id=wordads_sidebar_widget-8] The winners of the 50-over World Cup in 2019, will want to add this feather to their cap as well. There is no doubt that they are a well-balanced side. Hence, Vaughan put it simply and said, “England have put themselves in a great position (to win the T20 World Cup) because they have got absolutely everything covered.” This is what Michael Vaughan had to say after the conclusion of the second T20I against Pakistan. The Three Lions suffered a 31-run loss in the first game of the three-match series. They bounced back brilliantly and registered a convincing win over Pakistan in the second game. They eventually won the third and ended the series with yet another win. Keeping that in mind, it will be tough to keep them out of the T20 World Cup favourites' conversation. It is justified to call them a real contender and Michael Vaughan might be right about this one. They look a brilliant team on paper. However, let's wait and watch what happens in the tournament, as the game is not won on paper.

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