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04 Jun, 2023
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Mike Hussey Makes Bold Claim About The T20 World Cup In India

Mr Cricket, Mike Hussey has come out and said that it would be really tough to have the T20 World Cup in India. This statement was made at the back of the rising cases of Covid-19 in the country in recent times. The IPL 2021 tournament had to be suspended due to the number of cases that had shown up in the current edition of the tournament. It was risky for everyone involved with the tournament and the stance was taken.

The BCCI and the IPL Governing Council were forced to take precautionary action. The players and other members of the franchise returned to their respective countries. Mike Hussy was part of the CSK setup and had tested positive himself. His team was doing rather well and were in second place on the points table.

What Did Mike Hussey Say About The Venue For The Upcoming T20 World Cup?

With the T20 World Cup coming up, Hussey was asked his opinion on the matter. The batting coach of CSK recently spoke in an interview on Fox Cricket on this topic and said, “I think it is going to be very difficult in my view to play that tournament in India. We are talking about eight teams in the IPL. I think there are probably similar number, maybe more teams coming in from overseas [for the T20 World Cup], there would be more venues. As I said earlier, if they are playing in different cities, that is when the risk goes up.”

“I think they will have to look some pretty big contingency plans, perhaps looking at the UAE or somewhere like that that could host the World T20. I think there will be a lot of cricket boards around the world that would be pretty nervous about going back to India for a cricket tournament.”

The BCCI and the ICC will have to work together to finalize things soon. There isn’t much time left before the start of the tournament. A lot of other teams would have the same concern as well. Let’s wait and watch what happens next!!

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