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04 Jun, 2023
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Ravi Shastri Signs Off As India’s Head Coach; Hints At New T20 Captain

India’s last match with Namibia in the T20 World Cup was a great win, but Afghanistan’s loss against New Zealand cost India the chance of making it to the T20 World Cup 2021 semi-finals. Well, the India-Namibia match will be a historic one as it ended the tenure of Virat Kohli as T20 captain and Ravi Shastri as team India’s head coach.

Though India failed to qualify for the T20 World Cup trophy in Shastri’s tenure, the former Indian cricketer and commentator delivered an inspiring speech, praising the Indian cricket team for what it has achieved in the last 5-6 years. Ravi Shastri mentioned that under the leadership of Virat Kohli, the Indian team scaled new heights in all the 3 formats of the game, saying that the team will go down as one of the greatest teams for the way it performed across the globe.

“Just the quality of cricket this team has played over the last five years across all formats. The performances are there for everyone to see. When you perform in that fashion where you go across the globe, across all formats and beat teams, then you know you’re part of one great cricket team.”

On India losing the chance of making it to the T20 World Cup semi-finals

“We lacked the daring in the second game against New Zealand. I know the toss was important, and as you’ve seen in the last three games, how important it is. But still, it’s something for the boys to learn. They’ll get an opportunity again next year. It’s not often you have World Cups in 12 months. So hopefully, they’ll go and kick some butt there,” 

Ravi Shastri also mentioned that the team went through a rough time during the covid-19 pandemic

“So what you have gone through in the last few years, with Covid, the hurdles that came in the way, rights offs that happen, everything. You go through all that, and you become stronger in mind, tougher and ready to play the game at the highest level to compete. And that’s the best thing I like about this Indian cricket team,” 

Though BCCI is yet to make an official announcement about the next T20 captain of the Indian cricket team, Mr Shastri hinted at the replacement of Virat Kohli.

“I think in Rohit, you’ve got a very capable guy. He’s won so many IPLs. He’s the vice-captain of this side. He’s waiting in the wings to take that job,” Shastri said in a virtual press conference on Monday after India beat Namibia by 9 wickets in their last T20 World Cup match,” 

Meanwhile, former Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid will be replacing Ravi Shastri as the head coach of the Indian cricket team. Also, there are strong speculations of Rohit Sharma taking over as T20 captain replacing Virat Kohli. 

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