South African Coach Mark Boucher Makes A Prediction About The T20 World Cup

A lot of former cricketers, coaches and Pundits have given certain verdicts about the T20 World Cup. The tournament will now be hosted in the UAE and Oman, after initially being set to take place in India. With that being said, the teams will have to rethink their plans and strategies now. South African coach Mark Boucher has now come out and given his comments on the tournament. The comments made by the former wicketkeeper-batsman talk about the pitch conditions. He has suggested that the second phase of IPL 2021 could have an impact on the pitches.

What Did Mark Boucher Say About The Impact Of The Second Phase Of The IPL 2021 Tournament On the T20 World Cup?

All eyes on the T20 World Cup and the new venue for the tournament. A lot of skippers have also come out and talked about this. There have been comments about a change in plan and strategy and how to approach the competition now. This has been due to the change of the initially chosen venue, India. With that being said, Mark Boucher talked about how the IPL 2021 would impact the pitch conditions. He said that the pitches will be "a bit dry" and spinners will play "a massive role". In his interview with ESPNCricinfo, Boucher said, "The wickets after the IPL are going to be a bit dry. It is not the same as we are used to be back in South Africa. That is where you can go out and bash your way to 180 to 200 runs. You have got to be skilful here; you've got to be smart." "If anything, it is going to go even further into subcontinent conditions, on the extreme side. They are playing the IPL there, there are not a lot of grounds and those wickets are going to be worn, so scores will probably go even further down." The comments make total sense. The tournament that will take place prior to the T20 World Cup, will surely impact the quality of pitches. It will be up to the groundsmen to get the job done. They will have to do their bit to get the pitches in a better condition. However, it will be impossible to completely neutralize the impact of the IPL on the conditions.

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