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03 Jun, 2023
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Stakeholders Want England Vs India Test Series Called Off

Another case in the Indian camp has really scared the stakeholders of the England vs India Test series. A Covid-19 outbreak would not just hurt this series but could have serious implications on the second phase of the IPL 2021 tournament too. The visiting team (India) is leading the series 2-1 at present. However, with the growing cases of the pandemic within the camp, things are not looking good.

Recently, head coach Ravi Shastri and some of the other coaches had tested positive for Covid. Now, assistant physio Yogesh Parmar has also tested positive. This has been a real setback for the teams. Both sides want to finish the series. However, a match cannot be played if the conditions are not safe for the teams.

What Is The Solution To Tackle The Problem Now And Will The England Vs India Series Be Stopped?

Ideally, the Bio Bubble had been implemented after the last match. It was going to be essential, with the second phase of the IPL just five days away. However, with Virat Kohli and co. moving out for a crowded event, things got ugly. Still, there is no problem within the England camp. It is just on Team India’s side at present.

The players will once again have to take a Covid test to ensure that there is no problem. If any of the players from the Indian squad test positive, it could mean the end of the series. Only time will tell whether the series will continue or not. The fact that there are two other competitions just around the corner that the BCCI and the ICC value more, could be a deciding factor too.

Is the Indian cricket board ready to put the second phase of the IPL 2021 tournament at present? Highly unlikely. However, it would also depend on what is the result of the test that the players undergo and whether there are any more cases of the disease or not. If there are no more new cases, the match could still go on. The fans just want the England vs India series to end the right way, with the last game played too. This series has really been interesting so far and such an end would be heartbreaking.

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