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23 Mar, 2023
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Best Big Data Certifications To Take A Leap In Your Career

Big data is one of the most sought-after fields in the present times. Therefore, a good big data certification can get you many interesting job opportunities. Most companies look for professionals with big data specialization and are ready to offer good salary packages to skilled and qualified individuals. Hence, it can be a good idea to get certified in one of the top 10 big data certifications and take a leap in your career. 

To help you make the right choice, we have narrowed it down to 8 of the best big data certification courses you can take up online today. Let us check them out one by one!

SAS Predictive Modeler Certification 

SAS offers a Predictive Modeler certification to professionals around the world. It focuses on six important aspects of big data such as advanced analytics, foundation tools, business intelligence, data management, and administration. In order to get this certification, you need to pass an attentive exam that validates your skills in building, implementing, and assessing models, data preparation, analysis of data sets, and data patterns. After completing this certification course, you can work as an advanced analytics professional, data scientist, or even a statistical business analyst. 

Data Architect Certified By IBM

The data architect certification by IBM aims at training professionals who are already working in the field of big data. People who have this certification can help customers narrow down and define their requirements. In addition to that, they also help in recommending, designing, and implementing big data solutions. 

Cloudera Certification 

If you are already a professional working in the field of big data, this certification can help hone your skills. It focuses on data analysis and data storage. Cloudera offers many interesting courses on Hadoop as well as other related areas. Once you have this certification, you will be proficient in everything related to data storage and analysis. 

Data Science And Big Data Analytics Certification By EMC

With this course, you can get certified in various ecosystems or Hadoop, including Hive and Pig. This certification exam tests you in multiple areas such as data visualization, logistic regression, random forests, and natural language processing. Some of the focus areas of this course are the main phase of the data analytics life cycle, analysis and exploring of data, statistical modeling techniques, and much more. 

Oracle Certification

This certification tests professionals in their ability to execute oracle program-based big data solutions. It covers many skills, such as using in-built tools for understanding data analytics and data science. With this certification, you can exhibit your skills using the Oracle program and get interesting high-paying jobs. 

Big Data Certification From Intellipat

This big data certification from Intellipat is just what you need to show off your expertise on your resume. This certificate course is recognized around the world in more than 80 corporate companies that are prominent in the field. This course can help you expand your understanding of big data through assessments and questions. Moreover, you will also work on a variety of projects during your training to help you hone your skills. This course has been designed very meticulously and trains the learners in all aspects of big data by an experienced and qualified faculty. 

Data Analytics & Management Certification From Microsoft

It is no secret that Microsoft uses its own tools and techniques. By pursuing the Data Analytics & Management certification from Microsoft, you can become skilled in understanding and using their products. This course will help you qualify for business intelligence reporting, development, and SQL database administration. Furthermore, certified solutions in data management and analytics from Microsoft will help you broaden your horizons and will teach you to use business intelligence data in your daily operational activities and for the cloud.  

Hadoop Certification From Hontonworks 

Finally, you can also go for the Hadoop certification offered by Hortonworks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the terminology, Hortonworks is essentially a Hadoop tool. It poses as a vendor and provides enterprises with services and tools that they can use to deploy in several organizational setups. If you are thinking of joining a corporate, this certification can be a definite feather to your hat.  


Software organization is a super dynamic industry, and the key to making it big in this field is expanding your skillset to stay updated with today’s technology. All of the certifications in big data mentioned above have been shortlisted by us after comprehensive research, and they can go a long way to help you enhance your proficiency and expertise in this new and constantly changing industry. 

Get on board the big data analyst journey by completing a specialist certification course in the field and get ready to earn big bucks while you are at it!

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