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31 Jan, 2023
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Car Accessories To Keep Your Car Cool In Scorching Heat!

The Heatwave this year crossed all the temperature scales. Such high temperatures are not only harmful to you but also to your cars. It becomes almost impossible to sit in the car if parked directly under the sun because of the heat. It takes so long for the car to cool down, and heat also affects fuel efficiency, AC, and your car’s overall performance. 

Hence, here we have listed 5 Car accessories that can keep your car cool during such  high temperatures.

1. Ventilated seats

A ventilated car seat is a boon for drivers as it keeps the seat cool in such prickling heat. Not all cars have this feature as it is still considered a premium feature reserved for higher-spec variants. But, you can easily upgrade to ventilated seat covers, and they can be easily fitted in your car. 

A cooling seat cover is basically a mat with numerous holes on its surface to provide ventilation. A fan pulls the cabin’s air and pushes it through the holes to cool down the temperature. It is one of the best car accessories to keep car cool. However, while installing the cover, ensure that the seat cover holding mechanism doesn’t have any loops or buckles that may interfere with the airbag’s deployment. 

2. Cooler/Fridge 

Are you planning a road trip this summer? A car cooler/ fridge is a must you should have in your car as it asks for good hydration, and it comes in handy when temperatures are zooming. They come in different sizes; the smaller ones have a capacity of 8 litres. A car cooler needs a 12-volt car charger socket for operation. Car freezers are also an excellent option for car accessories for summers to beat the heat inside a car.

3. Sunshade 

Sunshades are car accessories which act like a sunscreen for the car. They save your car from direct sunlight and keep it cool. Sunshades with the suction block the direct sun and are the most readily available car accessory. If your car has deeper pockets, roller-based sunshades can also be a good fit and come with UV protection. However, fully opaque sunshades aren’t recommended. A translucent sunshade is suggested as it keeps you from getting a fine.

4. Automatic climate control

Automatic climate control features are available in the top variants of cars. Still, an external module can be attached to your AC which can help make your car’s AC work like an automatic climate control module. It can affect the warranty and performance of the vehicle and should only be bought from a reputed brand.

5. Heat Resistant Window Film

As per the government norms in India, the black tinted window films are no longer allowed, no matter the transparency level, until there’s a fully transparent film and heat resistance. The 3MK heat-resistant window film is perfect as it is transparent and keeps your car cool and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Otherwise, you can always cover your car whenever parked under direct sunlight.

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