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21 May, 2022
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Explained: Cpanel Server Management Services

In case you are a web host, there are high chances that you have quite many WHM or Cpanel  servers. Managing these servers all alone or using an in-house team of technicians will be a cumbersome job for a maximum web host. It can also be pretty expensive. Not every firm has the right budget to hire skilled IT workers, who are noted to handle Cpanel actively. That5’s when the Cpanel server management services will come in.

Even in smaller start-ups where a person takes on multiple roles, employees might not always have the right technical knowledge to manage and understand Cpanel . On the other hand, an in-house hiring expert might not be an efficient or cost-effective way to accomplish the right task at hand. 

A Cpanel  server management service will help you to outsource the task to a professional team of webmasters who can manage the technical backend of the website well. So, looking for the best Cpanel Server Management Service is always the first point to consider here.

Understanding the meaning behind Cpanel  first:

Every possible hosting package will come in handy with Cpanel , which will act out as an online control panel for making web management a whole lot easier.

  • Some of the administrative tasks like managing emails, building websites, creating subdomains and add-on domains, uploading files, and more can be well-performed via Cpanel .
  • Cpanel also has the necessary in-built tools, which will offer web stats like weekly or daily impressions on the website.
  • You can also get total control over the FTP accounts, which will help you in managing files on the said server.
  • Data backup and security options are also available on the Cpanel , with multiple API add-ons and integrations over here.

Know more about WHM:

WHM is the abbreviated form of Web Host Manager. With the help of WHM, you get the chance to procure backend access to the current Cpanel account.

  • It is considered to be a major administrative tool, which will help you to create Cpanel  accounts and then manage multiple Cpanel  options.
  • It is an ideal spot in case you resell hosting services and are willing to manage multiple websites.
  • You get the chance to upgrade, downgrade and also modify accounts while trying to monitor the bandwidth usage.
  • Furthermore, you get the chance to use WHM to access DNS zones for the domains that you get to manage.
  • You can also get the chance to create and suspend the Cpanel  accounts and then get to configure the usernames and the domain names.
  • WHM is used to help you get full control over Cpanel , and it is considered to be pretty useful for dedicated and Virtual Private Servers.

Understanding the difference between WHM and Cpanel :

It is always easy for people to get confused between Cpanel  and WHM.Cpanel  is mainly stated to be a control panel for the end-users and also a tool for managing a singular website. Then you have WHM, which is a control panel for the resellers for managing multiple hosting accounts and their separate Cpanels.

  • WHM will give you the chance to create individual Cpanel  accounts and customized hosting packages.
  • You get the chance to add some new domains or servers and then manage the features individually of every hosting package and account.
  • If you want, you can reset the contact email addresses and passwords for all the Cpanel  accounts and hen edit resource limits on demand.
  • It will further give you the chance to set up the private name servers, access the resold accounts easily, modify the current DNS zone records and perform some basic maintenance features.
  • Cpanel will give you the chance to manage a singular hosting account. You can use it for installing CMS on the server through Softaculous.
  • If you want, you can further remove or add sub-domains and add-on domains and can further upload, delete or manage the files. 
  • You can even check the website statistics, modify the DNS records and then manage databases and backups.

Get along with the Cpanel  server management services:

The Cpanel  server management service will help you to outsource all the Cpanel  based activities to any remote team, starting from the installation phase. Here, the service provider will set up the much-needed Cpanel setup and configure the same as per your needs. 

  • The team will be by your side to guide you through the Cpanel account transfer and server migration.
  • Most of these providers will offer 24 x 7 server support.
  • Some of the other features of the Cpanel  server management service will have plug-ins and integrations with hardening, tweaking, and monitoring server security.

They are further going to configure the Cpanel firewall and ensure that MySQL is optimized and tuned in. So, get the rightful help you need in such segments, straight from Cpanel  service providers now.

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