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03 Jun, 2023
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Four Futuristic Features of Smartphones to Hit the Market Soon

The time when smartphones will get even smarter isn’t too far. The technology is flourishing so fast that it isn’t surprising to expect numerous new and unique features adding up to the current profile of smartphones. Even the upcoming smartphones in November will come up with impressive features. Do you also wonder about the staggering futuristic features of smartphones? If yes, then you are in the right spot! Read the article till the end to explore some of the best futuristic features in smartphones.


1. Nano-Tech Batteries

During the mobile world congress event held in 2015, “store dot,” a tech company from Israel, made an announcement about the Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be optimized with nano-tech batteries that are capable of completely charging itself in less than a minute. The idea was born out of research for Alzheimer’s patients. The scientists revealed that the peptides which cause this disease have extremely high capacitance. Therefore, they act as excellent storage units for electricity. The technology is expected to develop soon and add excellent battery storage to our smartphones. The technology is futuristic, yet you can check the new smartphones in November to know the presently added new features.


2. Liquid Buttons

A long time ago, all we could see and think of was mobiles with physical keypads. But soon, the trend changed, and the touch-screen feature not only invaded the market but conquered it! Now, a new part of liquid buttons will hopefully enter the market, thanks to “tactus technology.” The microfluid technology of this keyboard runs little unseen pockets of fluid in the typing pad, which gives the appearance of raised buttons. Well, this technology is no more a dream! It has already hit the market with the iPad mini, and it won’t be long until it reaches our smartphones.


3. Biometric Authentication

The capacitive technology used by the iphone and Samsung Galaxy S6 to read the ridges of fingertips cannot rely entirely upon because it lacks extensive data. Therefore, to make this feature more robust and sophisticated, “Qualcomm” has created an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that maps your finger with excellent resolution. The scanner uses an ultrasound-creating piezoelectric layer that assists you in enhancing security. Although this technology would take some time to reach your phones, you can check out the high-tech biometric features of phones launched in November.


4. Graphene

Graphene is often recognized as a “wonder material” because of its thin, flexible, lightweight, and highly robust steel. Including this feature in smartphones will allow them to be ultra-thin and powerful. The “Samsung advanced institute of technology” has been continuously researching the utilization of graphene for smartphones. This feature is expected to be incorporated into our phones soon to make them robust like never before.


Concluding Remark

Several exciting features are expected to be incorporated into our smartphones in the coming years. The ever-widening use and development of technology will surely turn the expectations into a reality. To discover more of such fantastic content, read our other as well.

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